Winter #COYER Update: Last week :(

February 28, 2015 Misc. 0

WinterCoyerUpdateSo it’s time for are first COYER update and I am so excited. I know everyone has been reading away on those ebooks because I have seen all the books linked up on the main page.

Each week I will be picking someone from the comments using for a prize that will be given out by Berls and Michelle at the end of COYER. So don’t expect your prize to be delivered right away because we are making a list of winners and they will send them after COYER is done so it will be less stressful for them. :)

We are having an amazing time and it looks like a lot of books are getting knocked off those readers. I have been doing my best to try and keep up with everyone’s reviews and can you believe we only have one week to go and then it’s all over. 🙁 Everyone has done a great job with 530 reviews linked up so far, but don’t forget if you want them to count in the prize drawing you need to make sure you get your reviews linked up this week! You all are awesome and rocked this Winter COYER!

Some reviews that I have checked:

I have seen THE  THIRD TWIN around the blogosphere but this was the first review I have seen. So I had to go and check out what Lisa Loves Literature thought about it. It sounds like a great suspense story.

I tell you what the more reviews I see of OUTLANDER the more I get curious about it. I finally picked up a copy a few weeks ago but not sure when I will get to that gigantic book!! Come see what Mom With A Reading Problem thought about it, it might convince you to read it too! 🙂

Since I have A WICKED THING to review myself I had to check out Wishful Endings review to see if I might think I was going to like it or if it was horrible. Seems like she liked it, come on over and see her review!

As much as I wanted to visit all those reviews I just haven’t gotten to them all, but I try! 🙂

Facebook & Twitter Games & Giveaways

If you haven’t joined the Facebook group yet, please do! If you have any trouble just shoot me a message with the email you use for FB and I’ll invite you to the group. Anyway one of the games we’re playing over there is Tag! You’re it! Angie Flemming started our week off with the Tag Your It Question. The Question was:

Over the last year or so, I’ve noticed that I’m picking up a lot of books with weird, interesting, or long titles. Sometimes a book will pique my interest based simply on the title, even more so than the cover! So I’m wondering, how much does the title of a book influence your decision to read it? Also, some examples of weird titles you’ve read (or want to read) would be great!

Tag! Lexi Lin  You’re It!

Lexi , you’ll need to pose a fun/get to know you question for the group  (Monday) morning and then from there it will go just like last week. Come by the FB group to see what Lexi will ask! I am so sad that this is going to be our last Tag your it questions for this COYER. 🙁

The Prize:

Besides  Monday’s Tag we also had Where are you Wed. and Freaky Friday. We added a couple new questions to Twitter and everyone who participates has a chance to win a prize. Drum roll again please… the winner is…

Kimberly Costa Congratulations!!

I will be contacting you for information to send you your prize. Please remember you will get your prize after COYER is over.

I hope everyone is having a great time now go and read some more great books!! You can also go over to Berls at Fantasy Is More Fun and Michelle at Because Reading for more updates!


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