Winter COYER has begun!

December 1, 2019 Misc. 2

It’s that time again, Winter COYER will run Sunday, December 1st – Saturday, March 7th, and, as always, we have a fun twist for you. Who’s ready?! You can sign up below until January 15th, 2020!

Winter COYER is always a bit more strict so I will try and do my best but I am not going to worry if I don’t read much because I am going to be reading more print books in 2020 and this COYER is all about free or nearly free books. So I don’t have a goal plan or anything but I will just keep track of what I read for it.

It is also including buddy reads and since Barb and I do those anyway we will include that into our COYER. I need to set up a list in case someone wants to read something I am going to read so I can find another buddy.

If you want to all the info for this challenge go check out Because Reading!


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  1. Berls

    Good luck! And I’d love to buddy read with you if you think of a book that we both want to read. I posted my TBR to the group – I think I’m also behind on Shelby… not sure where you are with her 🙂

    Happy COYER!

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