Waiting on Wednesday ~ Horror

June 17, 2020 Misc. 6

Waiting on Wednesday is a meme hosted by Breaking the Spine. Now called Can’t Wait Wednesday hosted by Wishful Endings. It’s where we display a book that we can’t wait to read because it sounds so good. πŸ™‚

When Jason, a wildlife biologist with the Forest Service, goes to Oregon to investigate reported wolf-attacks on livestock, he becomes skeptical. After seeing that five hundred pound cattle are being decimated by their mysterious predator, he is increasingly convinced that something else is responsible. Meanwhile, a scientist named Claire is conducting genetic research in a remote lab for unknown reasons. Is there a connection between her work and the livestock attacks? The only things he knows for sure are that she has secrets to hide, and that whatever is causing these deaths is NOT an ordinary wolf…

I love a good creature book and this one sounds really cool. I am a little confused about when it comes out because the sight I found it on said Oct. 2020 but Book Depository said Oct. 2021 and well the authors website talks about it having came out in 2018 so someone is confused but anyway it sounded too cool not to put on here. πŸ™‚

An eerie debut about a little boy who recovers from a sickness and inherits an imaginary friend who makes him do violent things…

Kids have imaginary friends. Rachel knows this. So when her young son, Billy, miraculously recovers from a horrible flu that has proven fatal for many, she thinks nothing of Delfy, his new invisible friend. After all, her family is healthy and that’s all that matters.

But soon Delfy is telling Billy what to do, and the boy is acting up and lashing out in ways he never has before. As Delfy’s influence is growing stranger and more sinister by the day, and rising tensions threaten to tear Rachel’s family apart, she clings to one purpose: to protect her children at any cost–even from themselves.

We Hear VoicesΒ is a mischievously gripping near-future horror novel that tests the fragility of family and the terrifying gray area between fear and love.Β 

I do like a good creepy kid book and this sounds like it could be one! Comes out in October from Berkley.


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