Waiting on Wednesday

August 7, 2019 Memes 4

BMR,WaitWednesdayWaiting on Wednesday is a meme hosted by Breaking the Spine. Now called Can’t Wait Wednesday hosted by Wishful Endings. It’s where we display a book that we can’t wait to read because it sounds so good. šŸ™‚

12 days since Mrs. Greystone and Ms. Morales disappeared. 372 attempts Emma Greystone has made to decode the letter her mother left. 56 lies Natalie Morales has told to try to cover their tracks. 4 children who are determined to bring back their mothers. 2 worlds . . .

It all began when the Greystone kidsā€”Chess, Emma, and Finnā€”learned about the other world.

Everything is different there. Itā€™s a mirror image, except things areĀ wrong. Evil. Their mother tried to make things better, but she got stuck there along with Ms. Morales, their friend Natalieā€™s mom.

But the four of themā€”brave Chess, smart Emma, kind Finn, and clever Natalieā€”wonā€™t give up until they rescue their mothers.

To do so, they will have to go back: into the other world, a place where truth is illegal.

Going back into that world is scary, and Chess doesnā€™t feel so brave.

Despite all her brains, Emma canā€™t seem to break the code.

With everything spiraling out of control, Finn has to pretendĀ he’s okay.

And Natalie is beginning to doubt whether her cleverness is something thatā€™s good about herā€”especially when she spends all her time lying to the people she loves.

Though I haven’t reviewed it yet I have recently read the first book The Strangers and really enjoyed it so can’t wait to see what happens next as it kind of left me wondering! Comes out in April 2020 and not sure if I can wait that long!

Pretty Little Liars meets Burn for Burn in this thrilling debut from Wattpad star Ann Valett.

Chloe Whittaker is out for revenge. Last year her best friend Monicaā€™s life was unceremoniously ruined by the most popular students at their high school, so this year Chloe plans to take each and every one of them down. She traded her jeans and T-shirts for the latest designer clothes, deleted everything on social media that would tie her to Monica (and blow her cover), and carefully devised a way to befriend the members of the popular clique. Now all thatā€™s left to do is uncover their deepest, darkest secrets and reveal them to the world.

Chloe has the perfect planā€¦that is, until she begins to fall for one of the people sheā€™s determined to destroy.

Not extremely original but I always like trying these types of reads. Comes out in April 2020!

What book/s are you waiting for?


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