Two Bloggers One Series ~ Review of Another Man’s Moccasins

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Two Bloggers One Series ~ Review of Another Man’s MoccasinsAnother Man's Moccasins by Craig Johnson
Series: Walt Longmire #4
Genres: Crime
Published by Penguin Pages: 299
Format: eBook
Source: Library

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Also in this series: A Serpent's Tooth, The Percentages"

The fourth Longmire novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Land of Wolves   Fans of Ace Atkins, Nevada Barr, and Robert B. Parker will love the fourth mystery in New York Times bestselling author Craig Johnson’s award-winning Longmire Mystery series, the basis for LONGMIRE, the hit drama series now streaming on Netflix. It delivers more of the taut prose, engrossing characters, beautiful Wyoming setting, and satisfying depth that reviewers have been hailing since his first book, The Cold Dish. In Another Man's Moccasins, the body of a Vietnamese woman dumped along the Wyoming interstate opens a baffling case for Sheriff Longmire, whose only suspect is a Crow Indian with a troubled past. But things get even stranger when a photograph turns up in the victim’s purse that ties her murder to one from Longmire’s past—a case he tackled as a Marine Corps investigator forty years earlier in Vietnam.

Also by this author: Spirit of Steamboat, A Serpent's Tooth, Any Other Name, The Highwayman, "Eleven/Twenty-Nine", An Obvious Fact, The Western Star, Depth of Winter, Land of Wolves, The Cold Dish, Death Without Company , Kindness Goes Unpunished , "Land of the Blind", The Percentages"

So Barb and I talked about it and we have decided to give up on reading this series at least as a monthly book. Out of four books I have only enjoyed the second one all the others have never risen above three stars and I kind of dread them…lol. So we will be starting a different series next month! After you check out my thoughts go to Booker T’s Farm and see what Barb thought!

Here is what I thought

In this one Vic is gone at the beginning and so Walt takes a call that these two brothers found a dead body while working. It’s a Vietnamese woman which brings back a lot of flashbacks for Walt of the Vietnam war and a woman he had met there. It’s not to long before they find this giant native American man in a tunnel and they think he might have been the one who done it but he isn’t going quietly! I really think Walt has a never ending supply of lives in these books!

As the investigation keeps going Walt learns more about what the woman was doing there and people who might have been involved. There is a Vietnamese man in town who says he helps children from the war who have American fathers and that this girl. Then there are the two brothers who found her and he learns they had been a bit more involved with her then they first let on.

This one was just sort of mediocre and had a lot of flashbacks of Walt and even sometimes Henry while they were in Vietnam and I am just not a war story person so found them a bit boring. I will admit I skimmed some till I found the more important parts of them. The flashbacks and present day do sort of collide which is why I figured reading the first ones and the end ones would be important…lol.

I do like Walt more than I did with the first book but he still isn’t my favorite person in the series. I prefer Vic, Henry and Ruby and I didn’t get enough of them in this one. (I will admit that I think watching the series has tainted my enjoyment of trying this series which is kind of a bummer.)

I might continue the series at some point when I am just in the mood for one but it’s just not one I wanted to continue month after month.

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