Two Bloggers, One Series ~ Review of A Murderous Relation

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Two Bloggers, One Series ~ Review of A Murderous Relation

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

A Murderous Relation by Deanna Raybourn
Published by Berkley on March 10, 2020
Pages: 320
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley

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Veronica Speedwell and her natural historian colleague Stoker are asked by Lady Wellingtonia Beauclerk to help with a potential scandal so explosive it threatens to rock the monarchy. Prince Albert Victor is a regular visitor to the most exclusive private club in London, known as the Club de l'Etoile, and the proprietess, Madame Aurore, has received an expensive gift that can be traced back to the prince. Lady Wellie would like Veronica and Stoker to retrieve the jewel from the club before scandal can break.
Worse yet, London is gripped by hysteria in the autumn of 1888, terrorized by what would become the most notorious and elusive serial killer in history, Jack the Ripper--and Lady Wellie suspects the prince may be responsible.
Veronica and Stoker reluctantly agree to go undercover at Madame Aurore's high class brothel, where another body soon turns up. Many secrets are swirling around Veronica and the royal family--and it's up to Veronica and Stoker to find the truth, before it's too late for all of them.

Also by this author: A Curious Beginning, A Perilous Undertaking (Veronica Speedwell, #2), A Treacherous Curse, A Dangerous Collaboration , An Unexpected Peril

It’s time for another Veronica Speedwell mystery!! Barb and I love this series so we always have to make time to buddy read it! This is book 5 in the series so after you check out what I think go over to Booker T’s Farm and get Barbs thoughts.

Here is what I thought

This is hands down my favorite historical mystery series and I had a great time reading this new addition!

Lady Wellington has a soft spot for the future king, Eddy and when it seems that he might be involved in a scandal she along with one other ask for Veronica and Stokers help. Prince Eddy has been seen going into a fancy brothel and now he has had a jewel make a diamond star to give to the lady of the house. If any of this gets out it will cause a scandal and then the young lady that is supposed to marry Prince Eddy might not.

At first Veronica says no but then the refusal to do so sends Lady Wellie into a fit and puts her in bed and that is when Veronica and Stoker find the true reasons as to why she wanted them to help. It wasn’t just to get the diamond star back there was a lot more to it.

Then it can’t be a Veronica and Stoker adventure without something going horribly wrong which happens when they get kidnapped. It seems that a nemesis from the first book is back and he has a partner to help make sure things go the way he wants but things don’t go according to plan and it seems that Veronica and Stoker have a few allies in the mix to help which is a good thing.

So, I think the first thing I have to say is that after reading the last book I really thought this book would be a bit different in terms of Veronica and Stokers relationship and when it wasn’t I was a bit disappointed. Not saying that things don’t work it’s way towards that in the end but it sure put a damper on my enjoyment when I started this book. If ever I have wanted a couple to get together it would be this one! It also had a few spots in it to where I found it a bit slow, but for the most part I enjoyed it.

I love Veronica and Stoker as they are two of my top favorite characters. I also love Lady Wellie and was kind of bummed that she wasn’t in this one much as she was indisposed through most of it. I also liked the introduction to a new character that I am sure won’t be in the series much because of certain things but I really liked prince Eddy he was just a bit naive and adorable.

I really liked how the mystery of certain things was wrapped up and who it was that lent a hand in the end and overall I enjoyed this and would recommend it to any historical mystery lover, but I really must advise you to start at the beginning with book one.

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      Oh you should! It’s great, the banter and sexual tension between the two MC’s are great as well as the mysteries.

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