Two Bloggers, One Series ~ Audiobook review of Whispering Rock

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Two Bloggers, One Series ~ Audiobook review of Whispering RockWhispering Rock by Robyn Carr, Thérèse Plummer
Length: 11 hours and 55 minutes
Series: Virgin River #3
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by MIRA on May 29, 2007
Pages: 400
Format: Audiobook
Source: Library

Narrator: Thérèse Plummer
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Also in this series: A Virgin River Christmas , Second Chance Pass , Temptation Ridge , Paradise Valley , Forbidden Falls , Angel's Peak

A decorated U.S. Marine reservist, LAPD officer Mike Valenzuela was badly wounded in the line of duty, but has found hope and healing in Virgin River. When he agrees to become the town's first cop, he does so knowing it's time he settled down. Twice divorced and the lover of too many women, he secretly longs for the kind of commitment and happiness his marine buddies have found—a woman who can tie up his heart forever.
He finds that woman in Brie Sheridan, a Sacramento prosecutor who understands his drive to protect and serve. Virgin River becomes a safe haven for Brie after nearly losing her life at the hands of a crazed criminal. Though tough and courageous, she's got some fears she can't escape—but now she has someone who will show her just what it means to trust again. Mike will do anything to help Brie free herself from painful memories. Passionate, strong and gentle, he vows to give back to her what she's so selflessly given him—her heart, and with it, a new beginning.

Also by this author: Virgin River, Shelter Mountain (Virgin River, #2), A Virgin River Christmas , Second Chance Pass , Temptation Ridge , Paradise Valley , Forbidden Falls , Angel's Peak

Barb and I are slowly making our way through the Virgin River series and really enjoying it. After you see what I thought about it go check out Barb’s review at Booker T’s Farm.

Here is what I thought

We met both Brie and Mike in book two and I knew I was going to be curious about their romance.

Brie is Jack’s younger sister and the one he is most protective of and in the last book we learn that she is going through a divorce and it’s really getting to her. Which is why in book two she came to Virgin River for a visit.  Mike was a policeman who gets shot in the line of duty and he also comes to Virgin River to heal. This was the first time that Mike and Brie hang out a bit and that was in book two.

In the beginning of Whispering Rock Brie was back where she lives and is the DA or assistant DA, I can’t remember, anyway she was trying to prosecute a rapist, but he gets off and it’s not to much later that Brie is attacked by the guy she tried to convict. Brie is in a bad place and nobody can bring her out of it, not even Jack.

Mike hears about what happened and he can’t relate to everything that happened to her but he does know about how to try and come back from trauma since he was shot. Without telling his friend Jack, Mike starts spending time with Brie and slowly brings her out of her shell she has tucked herself into after the attack. He is so sweet and takes things slowly and before you know she is going out to dinner with him and getting herself out and about and feeling better.

Then later Brie goes to Virgin River to stay for a while where she realizes she still isn’t back to normal and is jumpy at everything, but Mike is there and they continue seeing each other and Mike takes it very slow with her. They have a sweet story built on friendship and then to something more.

I really enjoyed Mike and Brie’s story it had the right amount of drama and even a bit of sadness but mostly it was just nice and fluffy. Brie is a strong character who goes through a lot with the recent divorce and then horrible attach, but she was a fighter. Mike has had to overcome some obstacles of his own with the damage he received when getting shot, learning to use his arm again and gain strength in it, plus some other damage that he thought might be permanent but found out it wasn’t. It was fun being with the other characters too, Jack and Mel and Preacher and Paige. Preacher really cracked me up a few times and Jack he really knows how to get the ladies mad at him…lol.

If your looking for a nice fluffy romance then I think you would enjoy the Virgin River series and even though you might not need to read them in order I suggest you do because there are things that continue from book to book and the character growth of those in the town.

The Narrator

I wasn’t a huge fan of this narrator at first but she is growing on me. Thérèse Plummer she does a decent job with most of the characters but the two older characters. I think it’s a good thing Hope doesn’t have such a prominent roll in the books as she does the tv show…lol. Her voice for Hope grates on my nerves…lol.

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