Two Bloggers One Book ~ The Stand (Part 2)

December 26, 2019 Misc. 4

Barb and I are still trying to tackle The Stand and this is round two as we have decided to split it into three halves since it’s so long. After you read what I have to say go check out Barbs, I know I am curious…lol.

If you want to know my thoughts on the first part of The Stand then you can check out my post from last month.

Since we are already introduce to all the main characters now the chapters seem to have gotten longer and some of them were way to long. Most of the MC’s have met in groups and then eventually those groups made their way to Mother Abigail. You find out that she is the good to the dark man’s evil. She has had dreams of these groups of people coming to her and when one group gets there they head to Boulder, Colorado to set up some sort of free state.

Those that have dreams of her and where to travel seem to make it to her and they are getting a big enough group that some of the main ones think it’s time to try and set up some sort of government and get settled in before the dark man decides to make his move. Nobody is real sure what is going to happen or when but they have all had horrible dreams about him.

Just as Mother Abigail has her followers the dark man has hisĀ  some of which we find out could be mixed in with the good guys. We also learn more aboutĀ  Trashcan Man and his track through the country and being found and brought to where the dark man has a place set up in Las Vegas.

I think that pretty much sums up what has happened and it’s been a very daunting trek to get to where we are in the book! We read from page 400 to 716 and I will not lie for the most part it was quite boring. So much filler that I could care less about and of course I have my favorite characters that I don’t mind learning more about but it always seemed like the longest chapters were of characters I don’t like (Larry and Trashcan Man) I do think it got a bit more interesting with the last chapter that we read but at the same time it’s been a very boring journey.

When Barb and I decided to try this book I was excited because I remember reading it as a teenager and enjoying it. I am beginning to think that my teenage self just got spooked a bit more than my adult self and things I thought were spooky and interesting then are not now. It doesn’t help that we are tackling the newer edition when has added filler content. Both Barb and I are having a time getting through this book so I do hope the last part picks up!


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  1. chucklesthescot

    Trashcan Man drove me crazy-I never much saw the point of his ramblings! I loved this book when I was younger but I might need to let my adult self try it again to see how I get on with it now.

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