Two Bloggers, One Book ~ Review of To The Devil, A Cryptid

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Two Bloggers, One Book ~ Review of To The Devil, A CryptidTo the Devil, a Cryptid by Hunter Shea
Genres: Action, Horror
Published by Severed Press on May 13, 2022
Pages: 161
Format: eBook
Source: kindle unlimited

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Down in Texas, even the legends are bigger.
Some say the Goat Man is just an old folk tale, meant to scare people from wandering too far into the woods. For a group of Satanists, crossing the infamous Goat Man's Bridge is the first step to appeasing their Dark Lord. When their sacrifice goes wrong, hell is birthed on Earth. What rises from the ashes under a lightning-slashed sky will crave only two things: to bring about chaos, and bathe in the blood of the dead.
An ex-con, pastry chef, paranormal podcaster and terrified teen fight to stay one step ahead of their destruction as the town around them is crushed under the horns of the horrifying cryptid now possessed by demons from hell. The Goat Man has arrived, and it won't leave until there is nothing left alive.

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Barb and I enjoy a good Hunter Shea book! After reading my review go on over to Booker T’s Farm and check out hers!

Picked this one up on KU, if you like fun creature feature horror go check it out!

Here is what I thought

Hunter Shea is one of my favorite Horror authors, mainly because I really enjoy his fun creature feature books. Lately he has been publishing some different things which where okay but just not the fun level his other books where. I am glad to say that this book felt more like old school Shea!

If you have ever watched or read anything about creature myths then I am sure you have heard of the goat man. Shea takes this and makes a nastly creature out of it.

Starts out with a cult ritual sacrificing a goat (not a fan of that part) and the pov is from a dumb guy who is only there because he thinks he might get laid by the naked lady doing the ritual, he will so wish he wasn’t there. In the woods is a man Jason who hates that this cults are killing animals especially a bunch of cats recently so he is out there to try and stop things. Let’s just say something goes terribly wrong with the ritual and some lightening and before you know it there is a really big goat man and he is hungry.

Then you have your usual cast of characters, the horny teens. The girl Lou wants to go into the woods via the goat man’s bridge. The legend is that if you knock three times the goat man appears and basically scares you off but Lou and most people in the town don’t believe in it. Things don’t go well for the boyfriend but she gets away. While she is running, we also meet a couple guys who are podcasters and they go to mysterious places and talk about it and everything. They are on the bridge when the girl runs by and they think she is just weird, they knock on the bridge and well, a goat man does appear but not what they wanted.

Then there are two other girls who are friends and together and their lives end up colliding with Lou and Chad (podcaster) literally as the goat man is after them and on his way to town where he just wreaks all sorts of havoc.

Now there are a lot of other things that happen with the cult ritual people, the four people I just mentioned but I won’t say anymore because you really just need to read it especially if you like this kind of horror. It has a strange ending but then I am use to Hunter Shea’s strange endings…lol.

It was fun so I would recommend it.

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