Tuesday Teaser: My Werewolf Bodygaurd

April 7, 2015 Blog Tours, Book Reviews 5

BMR,TeaserTuesdayHere are the rules:

1. Grab your current read
2. Open to a page
3. Pick out 2 lines that are SPOILER FREE
4. Name the title, author, etc

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Stephanie Draper is on the run from an abusive husband–a terrifying breed of shifter. She seeks sanctuary in Tulsa, Oklahoma at her childhood home. Her stepfather is a respected Moon Pack werewolf, and even though she’s human, she’s considered a pack member, too.

Nolan Wright is also a Moon Pack werewolf and a cop with the Tulsa PD. He can sniff out a damsel in distress from five miles away … and it doesn’t take him long to find the beautiful and haunted Stephanie.

Beauty wants the Beast. Stephanie has built solid walls around her heart–for a good damned reason. But Nolan’s kind and funny demeanor is creeping through the cracks of those walls, and soon, she finds herself falling for the handsome shifter. It feels like Stephanie may finally be able to piece together her shattered life … until her monstrous husband returns for his final revenge…

Stephanie sat on the couch, her cold hands wrapped around an even colder cup of coffee.

“Your father didn’t mention the Wendigo.” Kade Stonewell was young, probably about her age, but there was no mistaking his air of command. He was definitely the most dominant werewolf in the room-and right now, there were six of them.

This is from 27% on my kindle fire. She has one nasty ex-husband who is after her and he is a Wendigo! So far this one has been okay, it’s a short read and I am in a hurry to get it read cause I totally forgot I had to review it today!!

What is your teaser?


5 Responses to “Tuesday Teaser: My Werewolf Bodygaurd”

  1. Berls

    Whoops! I’m glad I’m not the only one that makes these mistakes 🙂 Sounds interesting, I hear wendigo and think Charmed LOL

  2. Lorna

    I love a good werewolf book, but I really don’t like that cover. Maybe it’s just me though. Hope you end up liking it 🙂

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