Top Ten Cozy Mysteries (2018)

December 21, 2018 Misc. 7

So I have read over 160 books this year and most of them was mysteries of some kind so I had a hard time deciding what my favorites where so I have split my favorites into two different list. Maybe that is cheating but I don’t  care it’s my blog…lol. 🙂

So today I am let you in on my top ten favorite cozy mysteries and let me tell you something it was really hard to chose since I have read about 65 cozies this year!!

So I could add all seven books from this series but I had to make it fair to the other series I read and so I am just mentioning book one since that is where it all began. I quickly fell in love with this series and devoured 7 out of the 9 that are out and can’t wait to get to the other two. What is not to love!? A library, fun librarians, books galore, a hunky sea captain and murder! 🙂 You really need to check out the Library Lovers series! Thanks Barb for keeping at me till I gave it a try!!

This year I caught up on this series and read books 2-4 and loved them all but if I had to pick one it would be book two. This one made me laugh so much!! Phee’s aunt Ina is getting married so just picture a 70 something bridezilla, a missing groom and murder! This series always makes me laugh out loud!

Another series I caught up on and read books 5-8 but I think it was book 6 that I liked the most because it has kind of a turning point in the relationship between Ellison and Anarky, or maybe I should say it makes you wonder if there will be one because of something she did. I love the retro 70’s setting and all the characters are great.

Caught up on this one by reading books 4-6 but I picked #6 because it was about Kenni wanting to go to Chicago to visit her boyfriends family for Christmas. It was a big move for her to decide not to have Christmas in Cottonwood and her family and friends sort of made her feel bad. She was determined but it seems that maybe a huge snow storm and murder might deter her plans. I always love this series mainly because of her ghostly grandpa deputy who helps her solve the crimes!

I love me a Scottish setting making this a perfect series for me! I listened to book one and two and enjoyed both of them but I chose the first book as I liked the set up for this series. Eden wants to write historical romances set in Scotland and her friend tells her she should go there and get a first hand account of how things are in Scotland and maybe it could help her get over a rough patch she was having. The narrator done a great job with the Scottish accents and made this very enjoyable!

Another favorite series that I hope gets more attention from the author as this is the third book and I see no new ones on goodreads! This author does have a lot of series out though as she is probably one of my most read authors besides Jenn Mckinlay and Ellery Adams. This series makes me chuckle. In this one Tobi is up for an ad agency award when murder happens. She knows something isn’t right so she has to figure it out. I love her Grandpa Stu and even though I am with Tobi on not getting his interest in Mrs. Rapple, we do get to see a different side of her in this one.

I love a Cajun setting and when you add some cool Mardi Gras festivities it’s even better. It also has one of my favorite dogs, Gopher in it! Mardi Gras preparations are full swing, they had a huge flood and after it recides a body is found close to Maggie’s place so she wants to find out who it is as he wasn’t a local, add in a gumbo pageant and it’s a pretty crazy ride! Can’t wait for the author to let me in on what the next book is going to be and when it comes out!!! (impatiently waiting)

This one has been a favorite of mine for the longest I think as this one is #11 and I can’t wait for another one! It’s also the only self-published author on my list. This author does a great job and has a really unique group of friendships in this series. It’s the only time I can love a mobster! She has tried to keep her kids from knowing about what Uncle Joey actually does but in this one they are getting old enough to figure things out. It’s the weirdest extended family and really to understand how it all began you need to read book one, Carrots! (Yes, funny book name). Can’t wait for many more adventures with Shelby and the gang!

This is a new series as this is only book two but I can already tell it’s going to be a favorite series! If you want a whimsical Christmas cozy then this is the series! In this one Holly is helping her friend Caroline who has been accused of murdering the guy she had had a public altercation with but she knows her friend didn’t do it. Full of all kind of Christmas coziness and fun!


This is a new series I started this year and even though I really shouldn’t have started a new series I couldn’t help myself! I was looking for a different book at the library when I found it and since I really like Laura Bradford I had to try it. I like the Amish feel to it and how the detective is ex Amish. It has a great cast of characters and I have a feeling I will be reading more of this series in 2019. I think there are like 6 out already so plenty to read!

So there you have it some of my favorites for the year though I really could have probably gave you a top 20! 🙂 


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    • Stormi

      I don’t know but I still have to more to read before I have to worry! 🙂 I hope you like Booked 4 Murder when you get to it! 🙂

  1. Mark

    I just started the Library Lover’s series this year myself, although I started in November, so it was just the first one. Hoping to get several more read in 2019. And I’m a fan of Ellen Byron and Laura Bradford as well.

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