The Week In Review #8

October 25, 2014 Memes 6

Week ReviewHey everyone, how goes it? Are we all indulging in some great spooky or not spooky Halloween books and movies? I know I  It’s time for my Week in Review which is a combination of Stacking the Shelves, The Sunday Post and It’s Monday! What are you reading?

Well, my week was pretty slow so I don’t have much to comment on on that but boy howdy today was busy. So I live with my father as I moved back home after my mother died to help him out and sort of got stuck Ever just get stuck and life sort of goes on by and one day you are like..where did time go..that is me.  Any way, he had today off and so did I so he took me out to breakfast and we went grocery shopping and then by the time I got  all the groceries put away. We had to go and meet my Aunt (my mom’s sister) so that we could go with her and help her with something because my other Aunt’s husband is a real @$$. 🙂  Then after that we all went out and ate so now I have finally made it home and it seems like my whole day was shot. (This all happened on Friday.)

Tomorrow though I hope will be a nice peaceful day that I can laze around and get some reading done because I just made a list of books I needed to have done this month and I am so way behind it’s crazy!! So no more review books for me until I am at least some what caught up. (Unless they are books in a series I am

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Wow, there was a lot of things going on on the blog this

Books Added This Week

I attended a facebook party and a few of the authors were giving away a copy of one of their books on for free! (Clicking on the picture will send you to Goodreads.)

partners MaidBillionaire Snowdance


I did really good this week as I didn’t add any review books to my every growing list and only got these three free ones!!! 🙂

Books read this week
pageturner Snowfallingbluegrass Redbook  governorhighland


Currently Reading
Otherworldly Penny guidebookmurder
Next Up, Maybe
madeleinechristmaswish whisperdead


So how has your week been? Are you reading anything good? 


6 Responses to “The Week In Review #8”

  1. Michelle@Because Reading

    That seems to happen to me every weekend. Million things to do and when I finally sit down have to go to work lol. I almost yelled at you but I realized the books were freebies 🙂 I was doing so well and requested 3 books, got one and waiting on two more, one I REALLY want!!!

    No Sunday Post for me this week! Taking a break away from the blog 🙂

    Have a great week Stormi!!!

  2. Greg

    I’m reading surprisingly few scary books, thought I’d be reading way more of those but hasn’t really happened that way. I thought the week was slow too and couldn’t wait for it to be over LOL. Hope you’re having a good reading weekend.

  3. Terri M.

    Saturday kind of blew by for me. I’m had to work and still didn’t get all the cleanup that I needed to do at work done. Today I’m trying to relax a bit and try to get away from work so I’m not totally drained when I go back. I am looking forward to next weekend with ICON!

    Terri M.
    Second Run Reviews

  4. Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun

    I had to laugh because I know all about getting stuck and suddenly realizing it’s been years… that’s my life story! I like staying busy, so Friday sounds like a good day overall – it’s nice you get to spend time with your dad 🙂 good luck not adding books. I suck at that, though I’ve done okay not adding review books lately. Have a great week Stormi!

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