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August 1, 2015 Memes 18

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So this week has been a bit stressful. If you all remember how happy I was last week cause my dad was gone fishing and I had time to myself. Well, dad has been sick ever since he got back. At first I thought maybe it was heat exhaustion because  the heat index that week he was fishing was pretty high, but I don’t think that is it. I made him go to the doctor on Tuesday I believe it was and the Dr. gave him an antibiotic and said he had an infection. The next day he told me he wanted to go back to the Dr. cause his tongue was hurting really bad and when I looked at it it was bright red down the middle!! He could also verily stand he was so week. Went back to the Dr. and she said he had Thrush in his mouth and gave him something to swish in his mouth and a pain pill. They did blood work and he was coughing up some nasty so they made him get a chest x-ray.

So as of right now he is still sick and running a fever of and on anywhere from 100 to 101. I feel like I have a large child and have become his beck and call girl. He also worries me because this is making him look old. He is 67 and it’s making him look older. 🙁 The Dr. called Friday and told him that he had significant infection that showed up in his blood work (still don’t know about the chest x-ray) and wanted to know if he felt any better, if he wasn’t then maybe they needed to get him to the emergency room. Well, dad is stubborn and told them if he wasn’t feeling better by Monday he would call. I have a feeling Monday we will be at hospital cause he is still not doing well.

So I went from a stress free week to a stress filled week! 🙁 I so need to get me some chocolate!!!!

It looks like a lot but it seems Kathy and I posted some reviews on the same day so there are more than

Books I have added


The Lost  Girl The Beast of Barcroft


Audio review books:

MaplecroftLast Wool and Testament Dyeing wishes Spinning in Her Grave

Bought ebooks:

Blood and Bone  Trial by fire Castle in the air california bones the shadow revolution


I got a lot of freebies but I just didn’t have time to list them this week. 🙂

Books read last week

Deception Damage Done They Call Me Alexandra Gastone Good Rake Hard Find Caught dead Handed

Currently reading

How to Date Dead Guys This Monstrous Thing Knightley and Son Reluctant Midwife Last Wool and Testament Free agent


  • I know it looks like I’m reading a lot at the same time but I have a feeling The Reluctant Midwife will be on mine for a while. I like it but I can only handle so much baby delivering at
  • Dead Guys is on my Nook and I am 108 pages into it and it’s different.
  • This Monstrous Thing is on my kindle and I just started it
  • Last Wool and Testament is on my computer
  • Free Agent is on my phone

So some times it just depends on where I am in the house and what reading or listening device is in front of

What might be up next

Two of the books that will be up next depends on what I pull out of my jars. I have a TBR jar for my Thursdays #dustoffyourshelf read and I am doing a fun little bingo challenge on instagram and you made a card with books your reading in August and then put them in a jar and you pull one and read it, then pull out another..trying to fill your card up for the month. My card is mostly full of my ARC August reads! (though there are a few audio and print). 🙂


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18 Responses to “The Week In Review #47”

  1. Greg

    Hope your dad gets better soon, and doesn’t have to g oto hospital. Poor guy… looks like a good week blog wise, hope this wee kis good too.

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post #102
  2. Kathy

    Sorry to hear about your Dad and I hope he feels better soon. I understand how it feels. My mother-in-law lives with us and is diabetic. She isn’t really good about eating right so I have had to rush her to the ER. And now I’m constantly watching her to make sure eats right and exercises to help control the diabetes. It is really stressful since the older they get the more stubborn they are! I hope he feels better this week and you get a chance to rest. Take care!

    Kathy recently posted: Weekly Wrap-Up #63
  3. Bea @Bea's Book Nook

    So sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he gets better soon! Having a parent become sick does bring home how old they are. 🙁 At least you’re there to take care of him. *hugs* I hope you get some reading time this week.

    Bea @Bea's Book Nook recently posted: Sunday Book Share #
  4. Elizabeth

    As a person who frequently ends up in Emergency I can tell you that the weekend is not the time to go if you might get admitted. They just hydrate and give antibiotics and wait until Monday for tests. I’ll struggle through a weekend at home and go in Monday morning. Hope the antibiotics help, keep him sitting up and make him walk around to keep the lungs from settling.

    Elizabeth recently posted: Review: Dead Man’s Island
  5. Deborah

    So sorry to hear about your dad Stormi! I hope he can find out what the problem is or feels better by Monday.

    My mum’s 71 and a few months ago I looked at her and (for the first time) realised that she’s no longer just middle-aged. I keep seeing things about people who die in their 70s and think of my mum as young and it’s scary to remember she really isn’t.

    She’s pretty healthy but I know that’s the sort of thing that can change quickly.

    Will be thinking of you and hope this next week is a better one.

    Deborah recently posted: Weekly check-in
  6. Lola

    I am so sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he feels better soon and they can find out what’s wrong with him. It’s hard noticing that your parents are starting to get older. My mom isn’t too old yet, but there already a few things you notice like her memory not being what it’s used to. It’s hard seeing them get older. I hope this week is a better one *hugs*

  7. Lorna

    I sure hope the antibiotic does what it’s supposed to do and he gets better quick. It could be that the doctor thought he needed to get IV antibiotics at the hospital which would make sense if it was a bad infection seen on the blood work.I would be non-stop working on getting him to go.I was recently diagnosed with renal cancer, and I let it go 6 months with only a couple of doctor visits, so now I am kicking myself for not going back and thinking cranberry juice would cure it when the antibiotic failed. So yes, keep trying with your dad. The right antibiotics could make all the difference! Hang in there and by all means get you some chocolate!

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