The Week In Review #316

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The Week in Review is where I combine Stacking the Shelves, The Sunday Post and It’s Monday! What are you reading?  If you have never joined in on these meme’s you can check them out by clicking on the meme and it will take you to the host blog.

This was kind of a busy week week but mostly because it was bill paying week, along with grocery grabbing, then dad had a routine dr. appt and just all those things so it felt like all I did was run around all week…blah.

I watched the first two episodes of the new season of Lucifer and I don’t know the jury is still out on it and the storyline this go around.

My rant for this week is the Netgalley app. They did an update and I was like YES, maybe they fixed the audiobook part so that it plays when your screen goes dark. Well, that seemed fixed but I tried listening to the newest Louise Penny book and the minute counter thing doesn’t move. It’s like stuck and so when I quit for the day instead of coming back to where I left off it sent me back to the beginning It’s like I can’t get off chapter one! This was the ONE book I wanted to listen to I worked hard catching up on that series so I could grab the new one and now I can’t listen to it. I have put in a complaint so we shall see. They really should have worked out more of the kinks before going live with it. 🙁 🙁

Well that was a bit of a ramble! 🙂 Have a great week and happy reading!

What you might have missed on my blog

Books I have added


  • Contempt and The Guilty Die Twice are from the same publicist and are both mystery thrillers.
  • Words on Bathroom Walls – This is from a movie promotion I did a few weeks ago, they sent me the book the movie is based on. Not my normal thing but might try it. 🙂
  • The Easton Falls Massacre: Bigfoots Revenge – This is a novella and so I am hoping it’s going to be a spooky bigfoot story cause I need one! 🙂 The author sent this to me.


On booktube I am doing like three month long readathons and these are some for that. 🙂

  • Greenglass House – I needed a book I thought I would love for A Touch of Whimsy: Adventure through Wonderland a middle grade readathon. 🙂 All I know is it’s a mystery.
  • The Westing Game – For same readathon for the spot to read a mystery and I thought I would go old school since I have heard good things and never tried it.
  • Sadie – This was for Monsterathon read a mystery for team haunts, go haunts! It also works for Becca’s Bookoplathon and I landed on a Becca recommends, so had to find a book that booktuber recommends.

Books read last week

  • The Ghost Tree – Yet another Henry book I didn’t care much for. 🙁 I am wondering if Lost Boy is just an anomaly and I will not like any of her others as I didn’t like The Girl in Red either…lol. I have wondered if I should try Alice but now I am afraid too…lol.
  • Sadie – Not sure what the hype was with this one when it came out a few years ago. I think cause it had a podcast in it but after reading a few others like that this wasn’t just okay. If you want a good podcast one read/listen to The Night Swim! 🙂 This book is 7 hours and 57 minutes, I listened to this at 1.65x.
  • Whispering Pines – This wasn’t even on my reading list for this week and I started it and I couldn’t put it down! Such a great creepy middle grade book! I mean if you have young readers be careful it is creepy for a kids book and so good and then the ENDING! Thankfully the authors got back to me and said yes there is a sequel coming…sighs…so can’t wait!
  • Girl, Unframed – I finally finished it. I just made myself take time out as I only had like 50 pages left but I wasn’t a fan. I guess I don’t like ‘hard hitting’ YA contemporaries I prefer light and fluffy…lol. This was billed a mystery but it really wasn’t. 🙁
  • My Best Friend’s Exorcism – This was enjoyable but I think I liked his Southern Vampire book better. 🙂 I listened to this and it was 10 hours and 11 minutes at 1.65x.
  • Rolling in the Deep – So the facebook group TBR and Beyond decided to make a Beyond Horror group and they are reading Into the Drowning Deep so I decided to listen to the novella first. 🙂 Creepy mermaids! This was 3 hours and 6 minutes at fast speed on my computer. (Which is probably about 1.5x)

Currently reading

  • The Remaking – I am about halfway through this one and though it’s kind of slow paced I am still interested in it. I know that is surprising…lol. I mean, at least I don’t want to DNF it and throw it against the wall so that has to be something. 🙂 This was for friend rec on two of the readathons I am doing and Barb sent me this and wanted me to try it so I am! 🙂
  • Clown in a Cornfield – I just started this one so not far into it but I have heard good things so fingers crossed! I mean it’s horror with a clown, it has to be good right?
  • Timeless – I am about 27% or so into this one and it’s the last one in the Parasol Protectorate series that Barb and I are buddy reading.

What might be up next

Color Street

Nail mail is becoming just as cool as book mail!!!!

How was your week? What did you get?

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10 responses to “The Week In Review #316

  1. Oh that’s a bummer with Netgalley. I’ve heard they’ve been having issues with the audiobooks. Hopefully they get their shtick together soon and fix this. I know a lot of people were happy about the audiobooks finally coming onto the site.

    Nice new reads though! Those are all new to me ones. I hope you enjoy them all!

    Here’s my StS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

    • Stormi

      I am about 12% into it and so far it’s okay but its really just the build up part as Quinn is new, so we have to get her settled into the new town but I have heard it’s got some great slasher stuff in it so can’t wait!

  2. That sounds annoying with the Netgalley app not workign properly, seems they could’ve done some more testing beforehand. Hopefully they fix the issue so you can listen to the book. Sorry to hear your week was so busy with a lot of running around. Looks like you had some good reads this week as well as some new books and nails. I hope you’ll have a great week!

    • Stormi

      I totally agree, they should have tested it a bit more. People are going to stop requesting them and that is just bad on Netgalley and the publishers. 🙁 I did get some great books and nails! 🙂

  3. That sucks about Netgalley. How did devolution ever turn out? I hope it picked up some, if I remember you were saying it was kinda slow, i think? Hopefully easton Falls is a good one!

  4. After all I’ve been hearing about the audible troubles with Netgalley, I’m hesitant to try it myself. I hope you enjoy Into The Drowning Deep. I loved the series! They would be wicked movies.

  5. I hope the Netgalley app works out. I have one audio on it for review for October 3 so I won’t get to it for a week or so but I am a little concerned over a few issues I have heard. I wish you a solution soon from them

    Anne – Books of my Heart Here is my Sunday Post

  6. I didn’t like the NetGalley app, I know what you mean they really need to iron out the kinks first. I used to work with a lady who was married to a programmer, she said they get things to work in their eyes but forget other people have to use the program too.

    Have a good week.

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