The Week In Review #305

June 21, 2020 Misc. 12

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I was pretty busy this week with my garden and mowing. We got mulch and potting soil and I put mulch around my veggies trying to keep weeds down, then I have some pots that I have put some plants in and so I also did that. It was a pretty warm, sweaty time but it’s done…lol. Listened to some good audios while doing so. πŸ™‚

Besides that at some grocery shopping I didn’t do much more, didn’t watch anything new.

What you might have missed on my blog

Books I have added


  • These Violent Delights – From what I can gather it’s kind of like an Asian retelling of Romeo and Juliet and I was curious…lol.
  • One For the Books – I love this series!!! I so can’t wait to read this one. My favorite couple is getting married but there are some sleuthing to be done first! πŸ™‚

From Publisher

  • Pretty Funny for a Girl – YA contemporary about a plus size girl who wants to be a comedian.
  • Sing Like No One’s Listening – YA contemporary about a girl who gets into a performing arts school but is having a hard time finding her voice after her mother died.

Don’t normally do contemporary but trying to read outside my comfort zone…lol.

Books read last week

  • The Only Good Indians – I was really hoping to like this one but it was to boring for me. πŸ™
  • The Duchess Deal – This was so much fun!!!
  • Changeless – I really enjoyed this one!
  • Left Fur Dead – It has a talking rabbit!! What is not to like! πŸ™‚
  • Murder at Kensington Palace – I love this series so I was excited to see an audio of this on hoopla so I could listen to it and get caught up since I have the next book.
  • The Secret of White Stone Gate – This was a little bit better than the first book but still not a riveting MG book.

Currently reading


  • One This, The Day of the Pig – I am enjoying this one. I am about 100 pages into it and lots of killer animal action along with some killer madman with an axe action…lol.
  • Amelia Six – I am liking this one too. It’s about six girls spending the night at Amelia Earhart’s childhood home. When an expensive set of Amelia’s googles go missing and Millie was the last to see them she has to figure out what happened to them.
  • A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder – I am listening to this one and I am almost 5 hours into it so have about 6 hours left. I will finish this today.

What might be up next

How was your week? What did you get?


12 Responses to “The Week In Review #305”

    • Stormi

      Yep, I do hope they turn red and don’t rot on me. I don’t have a great green thumb and my veggie gardens are not always good…lol. OOH I hope we both like These Violent Delights!

  1. Gayathri

    Ooh your plants makes me feel envious of your green thumb. I cannot not kill plants for some reason. Looks like a good reading week. Stay safe.

    • Stormi

      Well, we shall see if my veggie garden produces anything before we talk about green thumbs…lol. πŸ™‚

    • Stormi

      It’s a great way to go if you don’t want a huge garden or don’t have a lot of room!

  2. Greg

    Yay for gardening! πŸ™‚ I always like puttering around outside even though my landscaping’s kind of a mess lol.

    I’m really curious what you’ll end up thinking of Good Girl’s Guide.

    • Stormi

      You have been so busy at work, you probably don’t want to get down and weed…lol.

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