The Week In Review #302

May 31, 2020 Memes 11

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Weeks are running together and it rained and rained and rained and not we are finally getting sun!!!! πŸ™‚ I am so happy to see the sun and we get it for a few days. I think at least till Tuesday then more rain…blast it! I am really hating rain. I don’t want a drought but I wouldn’t mind about 3 weeks of no rain. πŸ™‚

Haven’t really don’t much this week as it rained but I did mow and weedeat yesterday. Still gaming on my phone despite my sore hand/wrist and I know I need to take a break but….addiction. That and I don’t want my alliance to boot me out for being non-active…lol.

Didn’t really watch anything new this week and I just played Midsomer Murders in the background. So yep that is about all I have to say for this week. πŸ™‚

Stay safe and happy reading!

What you might have missed on my blog

Books I have added


  • Goodnight Moo – I just love this title!!! So I haven’t read book one yet but I have it and I am going to priorities this series so I can stay caught up as that is a plan in progress with my cozies…lol.
  • Who Wants to Marry a Duke – I have really enjoyed the first two in this series and I kind of like Thorn and I am curious who can capture his heart.
  • Night Train – A Woman wakes up on a train and I gather it’s not a good thing. πŸ™‚ I featured this on either a most anticipated list or a WoW post and I am really curious about it.

Books read last week

  • The Mouse Watch – This was a really cute middle grade book about a group of mice and one rat that are kind of like secret agents protecting everyone from animals to humans.
  • How the Light Gets In – I would have to say this is my least favorite in the Chief Inspector Gamache series and I am a bit curious how things are going to go from this one as it almost felt like an ending but I know it’s not since it’s number nine out of sixteen.
  • Mesmerized -This was a pretty decent historical romance with a touch of paranormal ghosties. I think I was needing a change in genres and the historical romance is my favorite kind of romance reads.
  • A Dangerous Love – This one is okay but not my favorite from this author. It’s one of her older ones that has just came to audiobook (from 2006). Mostly it’s because the troop isn’t a favorite. I don’t like the ones where someone pretends to be someone else.

Currently reading

  • The Fallen Girls – Still not real far into this one (I blame gaming on my phone) but I am curious about what I have read.
  • City of the Lost – This is a strange kind of mystery read but I like it.

What might be up next

How was your week? What did you get?


11 Responses to “The Week In Review #302”

  1. Jessica @ a GREAT read

    I feel like we haven’t had that much rain. The few times it did rain that I can recall might have been overnight. I’ve no windows at my work anymore, so maybe it rained all day while I was there and stopped when I was leaving. Who’s to say? We’re about to have a heatwave and I am not happy about that. At. All. I hate this heat and humidity that lasts through October. I wouldn’t mind living somewhere where there’s actually 4 seasons instead of a long summer and a short winter.

    Nice new reads! I fell a bit behind in Kelley’s series. I need to get back to that one. Perhaps once I’ve finished off a few series that need actual finishing! Lol. Hope you enjoy all the new reads!

    Here’s my StS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower πŸ™‚

    • Stormi

      You can have ours! We didn’t have our rain gauge out the whole time but in two days we got three inches! There was more before that, so no telling how much but a lot…lol. City of the Lost is a very different type of mystery, very strange and a bit out there but at the same time interesting… πŸ™‚

  2. Michelle@Because Reading

    I think a nice non-crazy week is a good thing. I can’t wait to have one of those again lol
    I thought we were going to get a lot of rain but it turned out that it didn’t rain as much as they had said it would. Now it’s hot and I hate it. lol

    Have an awesome week, Stormi! Happy Reading! xx

    • Stormi

      It was fun seeing your face on book club, that was really fun…lol. We probably got over 4 or 5 inches of rain in the last week or so, so I am glad to see the sun even if it’s hot…lol. πŸ™‚

  3. Greg

    I love watching stuff in the background. πŸ™‚ I might need to try that one. And I hear you on the rain. It’s been sunny here too and it got hot for a few days. supposed to warm up again on Tuesday (80’s) and I’m ready!

    City of the Lost- I like that series. I think I want to go hide in the Yukon lol.

    • Stormi

      I like the show and if you like British crime then you might like it. There are a lot of seasons but they are short but the shows are about an hour and a half or so long.

      Glad to hear you like City of the Lost series!

    • Stormi

      Thanks I will, though I am sure I will complain it’s to hot next Sunday…lol.

    • Stormi

      Oh, well if it wasn’t one of the Duke Dynasty books then you should try them. The first one is Project Duchess. I really am liking that series so far! πŸ™‚

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