The Week In Review #288

February 23, 2020 Memes 10

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So another week down and I can’t believe we are on the last week of February all ready!

So I got a couple of cool this this week one being a new phone which I needed but the downside is learning the ends and outs again…lol. Then I got a new kindle fire 10 inch which is really cool! And my cover for it is super adorable!

Then my dad finally built the bookcase I have been wanting in my room! It’s so cool and I am still going through my books deciding which ones get to go on the awesome new bookcase!

He is still working on putting the  trim on it. You can see the trim better on the picture with my kindle. It goes all along that wall which is about nine feet, so it’s a nice one! It is a process reorganizing your books! :\  I am going through them and picking out ones I don’t think I want to read any more and I think a trip to the used bookstore is in order.  I might do some post on my blog asking people if they think I should keep or toss (to the bookstore of course) some books I am not sure of. 🙂

I haven’t watched a lot this week so mainly just my Scarecrow and Mrs. King rewatch and then I did get to see Dolittle which I thought was fun!

Well, I think that is about it for this week! Have a great week and happy reading!

What you might have missed on my blog

Books I have added

Nothing! 🙂

Books read last week

  • Monsterland Reanimated – Slow to start but ended up being pretty good.
  • Death Without Company – The first book was just okay so glad this one was a step above and better. I hope the  series just continues to get better as we  go!
  • The Hand on the Wall – Great into a trilogy and answered all my questions!
  • Here Comes the Body – I thought this was an okay first in series, I think I could have enjoyed it more if I was in the mood. I can’t believe I wasn’t in the mood for a cozy! What?!
  • Head Games – This is the second volume and to be honest half the time I don’t get this series and it’s kind of weird and not really a lot going on but at the same time I keep grabbing the next volume! LOL

I know it looks like I read a lot but some of these were pretty short and of course a graphic novel but still I did good! 🙂


  • The Good Killer – I have no room for books that just don’t jive with me and I am bummed cause this was on my anticipated list I believe and I just didn’t like how it was written. I don’t mind multiple POV’s but I draw the line when it seems like everyone has a pov and there is already five main ones, so the secondary characters don’t need them too! 🙁 I am in a picky mood this year.

Currently reading

  • Christine – I have a print copy but mostly listening to the audio and so far I like it though I don’t feel a lot of stuff has happened. The car though is pretty creepy and the way Arnie acts around it is very weird…lol. I am 5 hours in and it’s a 19 hour listen.
  • A Murderous Relation – Yay, so glad to be finally reading this one! Just getting started but I just know it’s going to be good!
  • Murder in the First Edition – About a couple hours into this one and so far it’s good. Working on getting caught up on my, what seems like, endless amount of cozies. 🙂

What might be up next

How was your week? What did you get?


10 Responses to “The Week In Review #288”

  1. Jessica @ a GREAT read

    Oh yay for the new kindle! And bookcase! That’s so cool that your dad builds them! My last bookcase came from a small shop that did have them built but used other suppliers for that. Sadly they went out of business two or three years ago. I have no idea where I will get my next bookcase because I will need another big one eventually! Lol.

    Yay for not adding to the TBR pile! That’s always a nice feeling! Hope you enjoy your reads for this week!

    Here’s my StS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  2. Laura Thomas

    That’s some bookshelves! I need more myself. I have books stacked everywhere! I love that cute cover for your eReader. I remember when pictures of puppies with huge eyes came out years ago. I still have some.

  3. Berls

    I think in jealous of your bookshelf lol! I have really downsized my physical book collection, but I’d love the space to have more! I can’t wait to REALLY start collecting for Dante. He already has a bunch, but not bookshelf level yet.

    Have a great week!

  4. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    Yay for new bookcases! I’m not sure there’s anything more fun then organizing new bookshelves. I’m about to start A Murderous Relation. I had hoped to catch up on the rest of the series but don’t think that’s going to happen. Anything I should know? I’m going to go back and read the 3rd and 4th book but just not before I read book 5.

    • Stormi

      I think the only thing big that happened in #4 that you will probably figure out in #5 is that FINALLY THEY ADMIT THEY LIKE EACH OTHER! But so far it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere…errr. The author best do what I want or I am going to smack her! 😉 Other than that I think you can probably read the new one okay since you kind of know the story between the two.

  5. Greg

    Yeah hard to believe we’re almost through February! Crazy. Nice bookshelf by the way!

    The Hand On Wall looks good, I need to get on with that series before I forget everything about the first book. 🙂

    Hope your week is a good one!

    • Stormi

      Thanks! Dad is very proud of it…lol. You should try The Truly Devious series I think you might like it.

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