The Week In Review #254

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The Week in Review is where I combine Stacking the Shelves, The Sunday Post and It’s Monday! What are you reading?  If you have never joined in on these meme’s you can check them out by clicking on the meme and it will take you to the host blog.

Gone is the rain for the most part for a little bit anyway! Thank goodness but boy has it gotten hot! Yeah I am never happy…lol. Actually I am not minding the heat to much it’s the humidity that I hate!

Here are some pics of my little tub garden…lol.

See how small my bell pepper plant is in the third pic, but it already has a decent size pepper, my poblano peppers have little buds and my tomatoes have flowers but nothing yet. I got started late because it was either cold or storming but hopefully something happens!

What I am watching

I started a rewatch binge of Stranger Things to get ready for season 3 on Thursday!!!!!!

Have a great day and happy reading!

What you might have missed on my blog

Books I have added

The week where all the books came in when I went on a crazy clicking rampage!!! :-0


  • The Silent Ones – Parents worst nightmare as these two ten year olds are accused of a horrible crime and they have gone silent.
  • The Wolf Wants In – I really hate this cover! It’s about a lady who wants to find out what happened to her brother in a rural  town.
  • The Hidden Things – Girl is attacked in her home and it’s caught on film. As the view count climbs, the lives of four desperate people will be forever changed by what’s just barely visible in the corner of the shot.
  • In the Hall with the Knife – I couldn’t pass this up when I seen it as it’s a CLUE mystery! I am curious to see what they do with this!
  • Manor of Dying – Book 4 in the Hampton Home and Garden mysteries. I thought this series wasn’t going anywhere after book 3 as it stalled out in 2017 but I see it was a Berkley book so it was probably one that got scrapped by them and so this one is from a new publisher. I am glad she found a pub for this series. It’s about a home decorator/crime solver. 🙂

Hachette Audio!!

This was a real surprise when they contacted me!

  • Teeth in the Mist – Hate love relationship with this author so I am hoping I like this. I listened to the sample and it sounded pretty cool and there are separate narrators for each MC. Three women, centuries apart, drawn together by one Unholy Pact. A pact made by a man who, more than a thousand years later, may still be watching…


  • The Haunting of Henry Davis – It’s about a young boy who is haunted by a ghost and a girl who tries to befriend him.
  • A Small Zombie Problem – A boy lives with his aunt and meets an aunt and cousins he didn’t know he had then gets followed around by a zombie. 🙂

Books read last week

  • Diggin up the Dirt– Yay, a series I am all caught up on! I love this southern series it’s so fun!
  • Gunmetal Magic – Not my favorite but still enjoyed it okay.
  • The Dark Side of the Road – A strange country house mystery type featuring an alien. It was okay.
  • A Gentlewoman’s Guide to Murder – A decent start to a historical mystery series.
  • Oddmire – A little slow to begin but turned out to be a cute start to a series.

Audiobooks for the win during the summer when I am mowing and out walking! 🙂

Currently reading


  • Shadow of Night – Way different than the first book but extremely interesting!!
  • A Small Zombie Problem – It’s going to seem like MG’s have taken over my blog in July as I have a few tours coming up and this is one. I am close to finishing this one so will probably finish it today and it’s cute.
  • No Escape Claws – Reading this catches me up on another series! It’s a fun series too!
  • Changes – I am on a roll with this series! Love me some Dresden!

What might be up next


How was your week? What did you get?

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20 responses to “The Week In Review #254

  1. Teeth in the Midst sounds scary. This week I finished the new release, Rose, by Rami Ungar (it was good!), and now I’m reading the classic The Haunting of Hill House.

    • Stormi

      Hope you are enjoying Hill House, I read that one and it was atmospheric but a little to slow and boring for my taste…lol.

    • Stormi

      So far the Audio is kind of confusing but creepy as there are whispers in the house and it makes me feel like I am hearing voices in my house…lol.

  2. I cannot wait for Stranger Things haha! So ready for season 3!! And it’s been hot here too- wow the cooler temps have definitely fled, it’s like mid 80’s now clear out into next week according to the forecast. Summer has arrived I guess!

    • Stormi

      My tubs was my only gardening this year as I need to work on my garden beds as they got all weedy and I want to do something differently…lol. I just love garden tomatoes though so I had to plant some. 🙂

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