The Week In Review #252

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The Week in Review is where I combine Stacking the Shelves, The Sunday Post and It’s Monday! What are you reading? Β If you have never joined in on these meme’s you can check them out by clicking on the meme and it will take you to the host blog.

The weather everywhere is so weird these days. We at least got one fairly nice week without rain but we had one night in the 40’s which is so weird for Spring in Missouri, normally we are so hot. This coming week is filled with scattered showers all week again. I hope they scatter somewhere else. πŸ™‚ Never thought I would say I wouldn’t mind a drought for at least a month.

Not a lot going on here beside weird weather.

Happy reading!

What I have watched

So I watched a new Netflix movie called Murder Mystery and it reminded me of why I don’t like Adam Sandler movies. I just find him so stupid but it got a tiny bit better one the murders started happening. I just am not a fan of a lot of the comedians these days, I like my old school ones.Β  Also finished season 4 of Lucifer and I didn’t really like how Netflix took the show but by the end it was okay but then I didn’t like how it ended and wonder exactly what they are going to do for the fifth and final season because of how they ended this one. Also watched Discovery of Witches again. :)Still working on Outlander with a few episodes at a time, I like it but in small doses.

What you might have missed on my blog

Books I have added


  • True Gold – You might have seen this on my WoW post. I got accepted the day after my post. πŸ™‚ Romantic suspense set in Alaska, sounded cool.

Books read last week


  • A Discovery of Witches – You will see my review on Thursday, but let’s just say I really enjoyed it. I probably liked it more than the first time I read it. πŸ™‚
  • Little Girl Missing – Was asked if I could squeeze in a tour book and it sounded cool so I did…lol. It was a pretty decent start to a new British Crime series.
  • The Lonely Dead – YA mystery about a girl who can hear the dead. It was okay but nothing real great.

Currently reading


  • The Girl in Red – Probably would have finished it if I didn’t put it on hold for the book above. It’s really not a fast paced read and you know how I prefer them faster to the slow burn.
  • The Right Sort of Man – It’s okay so far but didn’t get any time with it this week.
  • The Never Game – I am enjoying this one and I am about 4 hours into it. It’s about an expert tracker who hires himself out for the reward. He was locating a young girl but gets wrapped up in a lot more when another girl goes missing.
  • A Gentlewoman’s Guide to Murder – Just getting started but so far it’s not bad.

What might be up next


How was your week? What did you get?

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21 responses to “The Week In Review #252

  1. The weather is stupid. I don’t even know what it’s suppose to do anymore lol.
    Murder Mystery looked kind of dumb, I wont lie and I tend to like the old movies also.

    My husband loves Lucifer, he was trying to figure out how they will do it too.

    Have a great week, Stormi! Happy Reading! xx

    • Stormi

      The weather is driving me crazy! I thought the movie looked fun as it was a murder mystery but Adam Sandler drives me crazy with saying stupid things over and over, it’s just not funny to me.

      Tell Scott I am glad I am not the only one who is confused at how season 5 is going to go…lol. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m watching Lucifer and not crazy about this season either. Also trying Outlander but not sure about it yet. I did enjoy the new episodes of Designated Survivor and started on the new Jessica Jones episodes. It’s been sunny and hot here but looks like some showers today.

    • Stormi

      Just wait till you get to the end then explain how they are going to make a season 5 lol. πŸ™‚ Outlander isn’t bad but it can be kind of slow at times which is why it’s okay in small doses. πŸ™‚ Never watched Designated Survivor and wasn’t a big fan of Jessica Jones.

  3. I haven’t written a Sunday Post this week but thought I’d still visit some friendly bloggers πŸ˜‰

    Lucifer was one of my favourite shows and I’ve watched the first 3 episodes on Netflix. They had to move the emphasis because of The Detective knowing Lucifer’s secret and so I was expecting it to change as it would have done on Prime.

    I hope you have a great week and enjoy your reads,especially Kingdom of Exiles (I LOVED it!).

    @Flora’s Musings…

    • Stormi

      I am glad you still came around to say hello!! πŸ™‚ I knew this season would be different and darker since it was picked up by Netflix but it’s the ending that has me confused as I know they are making a season 5. πŸ™‚

      Glad to know Kingdom of Exiles is good!

  4. This is the first I am seeing your bloggy makeover and I love it!! I loved Discovery of Witches tv show. Even got the hubby to watch. Of course I devoured the trilogy and was already a fan. I just saw they finished filming season 2 I cannot wait.

    • Stormi

      I am really curious about season 2! I am slipping in a little of Shadow of Night now and then but Barb and I are suppose to buddy read it next month so trying not to read it yet but I really want too!!! πŸ™‚ I figure since the books are so big it doesn’t hurt to get a bit of a head start…lol.

  5. I love it – the showers can scatter elsewhere! You enabled me to request Kingdom of Exiles at the last minute so I hope it’s good. I’m also excited to hear what you think about the Alaska one. I will watched the Adam Sandler movie eventually. You should give Reign on Me a try if you ever get a chance. It was interesting to see him in a serious role and it is actually one of my favorite movies.

  6. The weather’s been the same here. June is usually hot and we have been anything but hot- plus it’s been raining a ton.

    I’m not an Adam Sandler fan either…

    True Gold looks good.

    • Stormi

      Hope your weather straightens up too! πŸ™‚ Glad someone else doesn’t care much for Sandler! πŸ™‚

  7. Hahahaha my daughter got me hooked on Outlander! And I want to try A Discovery of Witches on audio one of these days! happy reading and have a great week!

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