The Week In Review #239

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BMR,OHMy (1)The Week in Review is where I combine Stacking the Shelves, The Sunday Post and It’s Monday! What are you reading?  If you have never joined in on these meme’s you can check them out by clicking on the meme and it will take you to the host blog.

Not much to report this week as sit was pretty laid back. I do think Spring might be getting close to being here as the days are staying in the high 40’s to mid 50’s though the nights are still a bit chilly. Can’t wait till it’s warm enough at night I don’t have to deal with getting wood!!!!! Come on Springtime!! 🙂  For those dealing with snow and flood still I hope it clears up soon!!

What you might have missed on my blog

Books I have added


  • Death in Kew Gardens –  The third book in the Kat Holloway mystery series. Kat Holloway steps out from beneath the stairs and into international intrigue, where murder and stolen treasure lurk among the upper echelons of Victorian London. I jumped on this as soon as I seen it’s out and I kind of want to read it now!!!! One of my favorite series!
  • 29 SecondsWhen Sarah rescues a young girl in trouble, she expects nothing in return. But her act of bravery puts a powerful and dangerous man in her debt. He lives by his own brutal code, and all debts must be repaid – in the only way he knows how. Give me one name. One person. And I will make them disappear . . . Yeah, so color me intrigued and I enjoyed this authors first novel so wanted to check this one out!

Books read last week

  • Chocolate a la Murder – Book 4 in the Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum mysteries and a lot of fun though I have to say I could have bopped Maddie upside the head a few times in this one.

Yeah, only one read. 🙁

Currently reading


Need to get rolling on both my buddy reads!! Where has this month gone it’s half over and I have hardly read anything!

  • Murder Once Removed – So I didn’t have plans to start this one but I did and kind of got caught up in it and now I want to read it…lol. Something about genealogy and mysteries I just think go great together! 🙂 13% in.
  • In the Valley of the Sun – One of my buddy reads so I best get cracking on it! Only a few pages in.
  • Magic Strike – The other buddy read and I am listening to it and about 6 chapters in and so far so good. 🙂

What might be up next

Hopefully I can get to these soon!! 🙂

How was your week? What did you get?

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26 responses to “The Week In Review #239

  1. RO

    Thank goodness for those laid back days to allow us to read a little and relax some, and you’ve got some great choices there! Hugs and Happy Sunday! RO

  2. Yeah, we had a taste of spring this week too. Went away towards the end of the week. Had some storms one day that gave me a bit of anxiety, so yeah…spring is almost here as well as the anxiety of the storms that come with it. I think that’s why I always favored winter because there were no anxiety inducing storms! LOL.

    Those are totally new to me reads. I hope you enjoy them all and have a great week ahead!

    Here’s my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

    • Stormi

      Yeah, I don’t like the storms but I am ready for warmer weather as I am just not a winter person. I need sun and winter gives me the blahs.

  3. I struggled to get motivated this week. The time change kind of got to me. LOL It was beautiful here. Warm but a bit cloudy. Got a cold snap this weekend and crossing my fingers it is the last one!

    • Stormi

      Yeah, I think the time change is still getting to me but I like the added daylight! I wish we could keep it like this!

  4. Our snow is almost all melted and it better friggin stay that way lol. Not much of a warm up yet but I know we’re getting there soon. 🙂

    Death in Kew Gardens sounds pretty fun. And yes I need to read Killing November SOON! that one looks awesome.

    • Stormi

      Hope that snow stays away! 🙂 The Kat Holloway series is a great historical mystery series!! I hope Killing November is awesome too!

  5. I think spring is getting close here too, though we are getting some snow now. I’ve already listened to The Ghost Hunter Next Door. It was fun. Have you listened to the Beechwood Harbor series with Holly? I can’t remember if you had or not. You can listen to the ghost one without having read the other. I hope you have a great week.

    • Stormi

      Oh I didn’t know I needed to read Beechwood first, thought this was just a different series. I have some of the Beechwood ones so maybe I should start with them? I am a sucker for going in order!

      • I don’t think you need to start with the other series. This is the first of the spinoff. The other characters have extremely minor parts (except for Gwen, but she was extremely minor in the original series, so I still don’t see a problem). I’m the same way, though, I prefer to read in order. But there are 5 books and an anthology (which introduces this series) out so far, book 6 comes out soon.

  6. Spring definitely seems to be on the way! we’ve had 60s and 70s this week – so hopefully that’s what’s coming your way 🙂 I’ve enjoyed sitting on my balcony a lot this week. My hope is that it will get so that it’s warmer in the evenings and mornings soon and I’ll be able to enjoy some yoga outside each morning and some reading on the balcony each night.

    Have a great week Stormi!

    • Stormi

      Ohhh I wish we had some 70s! 🙂 I have been trying a bit of yoga on my bed! Can’t get down on the floor unless I want to stay there…lol. I am 28 pounds down though so maybe one day. 🙂 I bet outdoors yoga would be fun. I can’t do many of the moves but I figure if I keep trying I will get there eventually.

    • Stormi

      I hope 29 Seconds is as good as Lies was as I really liked it! Yeah, lots like Valley of the Sun so I hope I like it, but you know me…lol. Everyone seems to like a lot I don’t cause if it’s a slow mover I get bored. 😉

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