The Week In Review #178

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BMR,OHMy (1)The Week in Review is where I combine Stacking the Shelves, The Sunday Post and It’s Monday! What are you reading?  If you have never joined in on these meme’s you can check them out by clicking on the meme and it will take you to the host blog.

This has been a week! It’s been really nice weather wise apart from one cold day. Though there seems to be some snow coming up in our forecast…blah.

Started my class this week and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed about branding myself! I haven’t really thought about what my brand might be for my designing and I am probably overthinking it but it’s got my mind boggled! We are going to do some brainstorming sessions in groups and I have started trying to sketch out some ideas but mind is blown…lol.

Two days this week dad and I worked on my room upstairs fixing it up and I was working in the closet putting in cedar boards and it’s an A frame style house and so it has short walls and this fat body in a small space trying to put boards up the sides was not fun…lol. I am so sore right now it’s pitiful.

Coming up next month on the blog will be Getting Cozy with a Mystery. So look for a whole month of cozy goodness and lots of post. 🙂 I have lots of cozy mystery post, three interviews and some book to movie talks about the Hallmark cozies. Feel free to join in and read some cozies!

What you might have missed on my blog

Books I have added


Told you I couldn’t stay away!!


  • Six Feet Under – LOVE THIS SERIES – and the best way to get a copy is with the blog tour so had to sign up! 🙂
  • A Manor of Murder – Still need to read book one but it’s on my list for this year so couldn’t pass it up.
  • Give Up the Dead – This is weird cause I got Broken Ground last year and didn’t realize it was book 4 (it’s a June review book), then seen this one and found out it was book 3 in the same series (it’s a August review book??) I don’t get it but I figured might as well grab it.



  • December Boys – So the overdrive library doesn’t have the 2nd book and I seen it was only .99, so I figured why not. Hopefully I like this series…lol.
  • Curiouser and Curiouser – Not a huge Alice fan but I was curious about this series. 🙂

Library loot


  • Lamentation – Finally we have gotten to book 1 of the Jay Potter Thrillers. 🙂 Fingers crossed I like this series…lol.
  • Genius files 1&2: I needed a change up in genres for a few books. 🙂

From the author

It’s always nice when you get an email from an author and he is writing you because another author recommended you. 🙂

  • The Nightmare Room – A boy in a basement, a man in a booth and a darkness that threatens to swallow them both… Doesn’t that sound pretty cool. 🙂

Books read last week


  • Truly Devious – Even though it was kind of slow in spots (still not sure if it was the book or me) I really enjoyed it. Only downfall is it’s first in a trilogy and ended on a slight cliff, so I want the next one now! 🙂
  • To Helvetica and Back – I have enjoyed other series by this author so I knew I would like this and I did. I also thought it was cool that it was a store that restored books and old typewriters.
  • The Way of the Wicked – For some reason this series got thrown to the wayside as I listened to the first one in 2016 and I have had like the next 3 or for sitting on my shelf to listen too. I enjoyed it a lot so not sure why. 🙂



I feel like this year I am just in the mood that if I am not feeling it I don’t care.

  • Grist Mill Road – At least it was a library book so no big deal. I just didn’t like the beginning and I didn’t like the writing style. I don’t like it when they don’t use quotes around dialogue. Why would you not use quotes?! It just kept messing up my reading and I decided I was done.
  • The Clinic – Hated the three teen MC’s, and just felt like I was thrown into a blood bath with no explanation and wasn’t interested.

I will be explaining a bit more on my DNF’s in a post coming up soon. 🙂

Currently reading


So I am also thinking I needed a genre cleanse as everything has just been all mysteries. 🙂

  • Mission Unstoppable – I read this back in 2011 but totally don’t remember anything but I came across it on overdrive and remembered liking it and that it was a series. I seen it has the series on overdrive so I am diving back in. I might just skim the first one I am not sure as I don’t normally reread. So not actually started Never Say Genius but it will be up next so just threw it on here. 🙂
  • The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris – I don’t read a lot of chick lit but I have read Jenny Colgan before and enjoyed her so thought I would give this one a try.

What might be up next


How was your week? What did you get?

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18 responses to “The Week In Review #178

  1. Oh no, I have The Clinic coming up soon to read. For some reason I’ve keep putting it off. Maybe it was a sign. 😁 Don’t let your self get overwhelmed with the branding, it will come come to you when you least expect it too. Give it time. Enjoy those new books.

    • Stormi

      Normally I don’t mind blood and gore, but I need to know what the heck is going on when it happens. I heard the ending was a surprise and really good but I just didn’t care by the time I got to about 44% and was still wading through the blood and gore and having no clue. If you do try it I hope you enjoy it more than me as I seen some who really loved it.

  2. Don’t let yourself get worked up over the branding project. It will happen. It’s great that you get a brainstorming time with your classmates. Having some ideas to show along with your thoughts will help you out. I can totally relate to a fat body in a small space. I had to find a way to put myself through the space of two fence boards. It was not fun. I hope you have a great week!

    • Stormi

      I am trying not too, I am asking lots of questions and just sketching out some ideas. I just feel like what he says goes over my head…lol. 🙂

  3. I almost requested Give Up the Dead but didn’t because I saw it was part of a series I’ve not started. However, I can’t wait to hear what you think about it. I’m sure you’ll get into the groove of class soon. Can’t wait to hear about your final “brand.” Lots of good books this week and sorry you’ve had a struggle finding something to read. I can’t wait to add some exciting interviews for you Cozy Month!

    • Stormi

      I do hope I like the whole series since I have them all…lol. I can’t wait to find out what my brand looks like too…hehehe. 🙂 Can’t wait to see your Getting Cozy post! 🙂

  4. I’m curious what your brand will be. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of your class, Stormi. Lots of good books this week. I got Six Feet Under too. I love her books.

  5. So I am going to check out your cozy post since I want to try one this year.
    I refuse to comment on your book grabbing habit! lol

    Once you brain storm with others you will do just fine. I have total faith in you.I already told you what I think and you can use that plus your own ideas. Don’t think so hard. 🙂

    I hope you finish the room soon! I know you have been wanting to get it finished for a while now. Maybe with the snow you can spend time working on it and have it finished soon. Make sure to post pictures!!! 🙂

    Have a great week, Stormi! Happy Reading! ox

    • Stormi

      I know I know, I am really going to try and stay away this week and then it will be a new month and I will try harder…but well don’t hold me to it. 🙂

      We finally have the top trim all done, now working on the bottom trim. This house is so crooked! I swear my cousins who helped us just slapped it up and called it good…errr. So it makes it hard to get the trim right. That and the tornado giving a bit of a twist in 2008 didn’t help. So it’s almost to the point I can get in to it and can’t wait though now I think I need a stair lift cause of my arthritic knees…lol. I get up there I might not come down! Or I need a firemen’s pole to slide down hehehe. 🙂

  6. I’m guessing your great idea for branding with come out of the blue at 3 am one morning… or in the shower. In the meantime, try not to worry about it. Hope the stiffness wears off with the DIY project!

  7. Getting Cozy sounds like a fun event, I haven’t read a cozy in a while and I keep telling myself I need to. I have several I want to read.

    I’ve got Truly Devious to read, and The Reunion looks like a trip. Will be checking that one out! 🙂

  8. It’s amazing how much work DIY stuff is. It finds muscles you didn’t even know you had – or at least it does with me! I can imagine it’s easy to overthink the branding project. I tend to drive myself crazy with those kinds of large scale projects. Hopefully the brainstorming sessions will help. I know you’ll do great! I think I would have DNF’d those 2 as well and I’m excited for cozy month! I’ll be reading some cozies! Have a great week!

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