The Week In Review #165

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What you might have missed on my blog

So not much to report on this week. It’s been cold but then warmed up, but still dreary looking and I just hate dreary looking even when it was in the 70’s cause it just was misty and looks to much like winter and I am so ready for spring to get here already…lol. We have to turn those nasty clocks back and I am not a fan of daylight savings time. I wish we could just leave the clocks alone. Not looking forward to it being dark at 5pm. 🙁

So our local library and I have not been on the best of terms since an incident a long time ago, but I really wanted to take advantage of their online library system, so I made dad sign up and get a card…lol. I got my first actual book as he don’t read. Then I longed on to Missouri Libraries 2 Go and boy I was like a kid in a candy store!! 🙂 Though every audio I wanted there was a wait so I am on a list for like 10 things and I keep seeing things or thinking of series I could finish they have so many things it’s like Christmas on my computer….lol.

Hopefully we my cousin will be working on the car today as it’s suppose to be nice and warm! Can’t wait to get it fixed! 🙂

Ho Ho Ho readathon starts this week so I have some Christmas cozy reads to get ready for! 🙂

Books I have added


  • Zero Day – I am curious to see how this spider apocalypse will end! 🙂
  • The Lost Plot – OMG I am so behind on this series so now that I have book 4 I think it’s time to catch up and I have till January! 🙂
  • Kill Creek – Haunted House so you know I couldn’t resist…lol.

Audiobooks for review


  • The Ghost of Christmas Past – Book 5 in a series I need to catch up on! I really liked the first one.
  • Purrfectly Deadly – Book two in a series I haven’t started but just got book one a week or so ago. 🙂

From Publisher

  • Can you believe I already got asked to be a part of a blog tour that is in April 2018!! 🙂 Isn’t that cover just so pretty!

Got from Library

  • I always wanted to try this series. 🙂

Books read last week


Currently reading


What might be up next


How was your week? What did you get?




14 responses to “The Week In Review #165

  1. So what exactly did you do to get a library to not allow you in the library? Did you take out to many books at one time?!?!? LOL

    I hope your cousin fixes your car.

    I got lots of book mail this week also! It’s was like Christmas in my mail box!

    Have a great week, Stormi! Happy Reading! ox

    • Stormi

      Came home from church and asked my cousin how it was going and he said, “Not Good” that is not what I wanted to hear about the car, but always our luck. 🙁

  2. Ooh, so many lovely new reads and listens. Looks like you’re all set for a week or so. LOL It’s been hot and steamy here with plenty of sun. Enjoying the barefoot weather while it lasts.

    • Stormi

      It’s in the 70’s today but still looks dreary but at least the sun came out a little and no mist. The rest of the week a different story…lol.

  3. I love the digital books that are available at the library. I like all the books you’re showing. I will go and look for some of them! I’ll look forward to seeing how you liked City of Lies as I’ve seen it and thought it looked interesting.

    BTW, I like your seasonal masthead!

  4. I can’t imagine not having access to my library. I get so many great audiobooks from them. I’ve even requested that they purchase stuff, which they’ve done for me. I would be broke if it weren’t for them.

    I hope your car gets fixed quickly. It is hard to not have a vehicle.

  5. My library and I took a break from each other due to an incident a number of years ago but I decided to let bygones be bygones when the Tornado was little and am so glad I did! That’s where all of my audio books come from. I just use their digital site and download them right on my phone. It’s amazing! Glad you made peace with yours (or at least found a way to access the goodness). I’m a weirdo and love Daylight Savings time (though I’m not a fan of the whole spring forward nonsense in the spring). I don’t mind it getting dark and I LOVE that extra hour or sleep. Looking forward to your review of Twelve Slays of Christmas. That one’s been tempting me. Have a great week!

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