The Garage Sale Mystery Books Not Much Like the Movies

February 11, 2018 Misc. 3

I am a huge fan of all the cozy mysteries on Hallmark Movies and Mystery channel. I pretty much watch them any time they are on and they make great background noise, though I will admit that sometimes when they are on I don’t get much done…lol.

One of the first series was The Garage Sale Mysteries starring Lori Loughlin. There are currently eleven of these great movies! 🙂 The strange thing about this series is that in my investigation of trying to find the books they are based on I only found three books. Which is kind of strange since there are so many movies, but the books I found have a character named Jennifer Shannon who loves garage sales and on the book it says it’s going to be made into a Hallmark movie. I was going to grab one and try it so I could do like a book to movie post but I am guessing that the author or publisher thinks since its on Hallmark that the ebook was gold and I am just not one to pay $9.95 for an ebook. So instead I thought I would show you the three books so you can see what they are about. Only two of them are a smidgen close to any of the movies.

Garage Sale Stalker (Book 1)

Jennifer Shannon lives in secure, affluent McLean, Virginia, where she stumbles into danger lurking in places she thought absolutely safe. Her passion for weekend treasure hunting at local garage and estate sales pulls her into a twisted world of crime, child abuse and murder. Forced to match wits with a protagonist hell-bent on revenge, her family’s safety and her own desperate situation hinges on her intelligence and resourcefulness. Nothing prepares her for the ultimate discovery, producing a startling climax.

I have watched all of the movies probably a dozen times or more and I can’t recall one about a twisted world of crime or child abuse. One of the reviews said it involved a bunch of woman getting kidnapped. This one I just can’t place as one  of the movies. The only thing it has in common is the name Jennifer Shannon and a passion for garage sales. 🙂 I seen a review that mentioned the hallmark movies and so I left a comment asking which movie this one is based and I do hope they comment back. Only think I can think of is that they made one before Lori Loughlin starred in them. ??

Garage Sale Diamonds (Book 2)

Jennifer Shannon discovers hundreds of diamonds hidden inside an innocent garage sale purchase in McLean, VA. Terrorists, furious at their treasure’s accidental inclusion at the sale, must wrest the diamonds back in order to fund their explosive plot against America. From the strife-torn Middle-East to the comforts of affluent McLean, conflicting philosophies clash with devastating effects. As danger to Jennifer and her family escalates, she must rely upon her ingenuity and inventiveness to hurdle the frightening obstacles thrown across her path. This mystery thriller is the second in the exciting Garage Sale Mystery series.

So this one sounds slightly like All that Glitters, at least the diamonds hidden inside an innocent garage sale purchase. The terrorist and Middle-Eastern part not so much. The bad guy in the movie was just a jewel thief who wanted his diamonds back. I am going to guess that terrorist might not sound to cozy for Hallmark as it sounds to me a bit darker than any of the Hallmark movies. 🙂

Garage Sale Riddle (Book 3)

Jennifer Shannon buys an old framed picture at an estate sale, discovering a mysterious map and riddle hidden inside. Flying to Naples, Florida, to rescue her aging mother from a devious criminal preying on seniors, she sits on the plane beside William Early, who boasts he’s a wealthy, powerful Civil War artifact collector who “always gets what he wants, whatever it takes.” Moving her mother from her long-time Florida home to Virginia, present serious challenges as Jennifer protects her from criminals, while researching riddle and map clues to an apparent Civil War treasure. But William Early lusts after the rare valuables she seeks.

Marshalling his vast resources, he’s determined to wrest the treasure away from Jennifer, by any means, including murder. Can Jennifer outwit him to save her mother, her family, herself and the historic treasure?

Don’t hold me to it but I am pretty sure the only one with a riddle within is also All that Glitters and it is her son who finds a map and thinks it’s buried treasure and so it’s sort of a side thing going on between clue hunting. There is not an actual movie where she goes to Florida and I have never heard any mention of her mother in any of the movies.

So those three books are the base for eleven movies with more to come I am sure as it’s a popular movie series.

If you have not ever seen the series it’s about Jennifer Shannon who is partners in a antique store, Rags to Riches, with her friend, Dani. Jennifer loves spending time at garage sales and actions and has a knack for solving crimes. She is a mystery enthusiast and loves reading mysteries and has a very patient husband as well as detective friend who isn’t afraid to follow up on one of her leads. Since the first one there has been some casting changes but for the most part the main characters have stayed the same.

It’s a great series check it out!


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  1. Laurel-Rain Snow

    I do love these Hallmark movies, and I’m hoping we’ll get another Garage Sale Mystery movie soon. They’ve expanded their list of movies, and I try to watch them all.

    I also enjoy the Murder She Baked series (books by Joanne Fluke)…and the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries. I read one of the books, Sleep Like a Baby (Charlaine Harris wrote them).

    Thanks for sharing.

    Laurel-Rain Snow recently posted: AUTHOR’S HOME PAGE

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