TBR List: Review of ‘A’ is for Alibi

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TBR List: Review of ‘A’ is for Alibi'A' is for Alibi by Sue Grafton
Genres: Crime, Mystery
Published by Bantam Pages: 214
Format: Paperback
Source: Bought


Laurence Fife was a slick divorce lawyer and slippery ladies' man. Until someone killed him. The jury believed that it was his pretty young wife, Nikki, so they sent her to prison for eight years. Now Nikki's out on parole and Kinsey Millhone's in for trouble. Nikki hires Kinsey to discover who really killed her husband. But the trail is eight years cold, and at the end is a chilling twist even Kinsey doesn't suspect--a second eight-year-old murder and a brand-new corpse.

First Line

My name is Kinsey Millhone. I’m a private investigator, licensed by the state of California.

What I thought of this book

I have seen this series around for a long time, I mean I think the author is currently on the letter X. I have often thought of trying it so when I found the first one at a used bookstore I thought why not.

Kinsey is a private investigator and has been hired by Nikki a lady who has been recently paroled. She served eight years on a murder charge that she swears she didn’t do. She wants Kinsey to find out who really killed her husband. What looked like a hard case starts to unravel as she investigates. As Kinsey investigates thought body count gets hire as it seems someone doesn’t want her finding out anything.

I was pretty excited to give this series a try but I must admit that it was a tad bit more boring that I was hoping for. Not that I didn’t like it as I did and I want to read the next in the series but I have gotten use to the more exciting mysteries out now days and this one was a little dry. The mystery was good but it was a lot of description of the area and could go on with two or three pages with out dialogue and that bores me. It’s a me thing, so others who like that kind of stuff will enjoy it. My mind starts to wonder when I am not being captivated by what is going on.

I wasn’t real surprised but maybe a little surprised by who the killer was and I really didn’t want it to be that person, but that is how it works some times.

I like Kinsey as a character, she reminds me of a Cagney and Lacy type person (I know I am old) with her attitude and persona. So I am curious to see how she progresses through the series. So I guess that means a trip back to the used bookstore to see if they have B is for Burglar. 🙂

Overall,  I enjoyed this read and if you like mysteries then you might enjoy it as well.

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7 responses to “TBR List: Review of ‘A’ is for Alibi

    • Stormi

      Yeah, won’t be running out and getting the next one but when I get a chance to go to the used bookstore I will probably pick up B. 🙂

  1. Wow I didn’t realize this was such a long series, although that’s also really cool the author goes through the whole alphabet. That’s sad to hear it was a bit dry, but maybe it improves later in the series? It is good to hear it was good enough to continue the series.

    • Stormi

      Yeah, it’s a long one and one I won’t be finishing any time soon, I am sure she will be finished before I even make a dent in the series..lol.

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