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July 19, 2014 Memes 22

stacking shelvesStacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks! Hosted by Tynga’s Reviews.

Netgalley Arc’s:


Whisper the Dead (The Lovegrove Legacy #2) by Alyxandra Harvey

Gretchen is struggling with her newfound gift as a Whisperer; the constant buzzing in her ears from detecting spells is more frustrating than fun, especially when she is spending time with one of the Order of Iron Nail’s Keepers, the icy but strikingly handsome Tobias Lawless. But while Gretchen tries to hide the truth and resolve her feelings for him, London fades from beautiful and bustling to deathly silent …Something evil is once again menacing Mayfair, and Gretchen and her cousins must use their powers to prevent a horrible sacrifice.

This second book in the Lovegrove Legacy trilogy is full of dark twists, spellbinding suspense and sweeping romance – perfect for fans of Cassandra Clare, Lauren Kate and Ruth Warburton.





Creed by Trisha Leaver

Three went in. Three came out. None even a shadow of who they once were.

When their car breaks down, Dee, her boyfriend Luke, and his brother Mike walk through a winter storm to take refuge in a nearby town called Purity Springs. When they arrive, the emergency sirens are blaring and the small farming town seems abandoned. With no other shelter, they spend the night in an empty house.

But they soon discover that not everything in Purity Springs is as it seems. When the town’s inhabitants suddenly appear the next morning, Dee, Luke, and Mike find themselves at the mercy of the charismatic leader, Elijah Hawkins, who plans to make Dee his new wife. Elijah’s son, Joseph, offers to help them escape . . . but the price of his help may be more than Dee and her friends can bear.





Killer Instinct (The Naturals #2) by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Seventeen-year-old Cassie Hobbes has a gift for profiling people. Her talent has landed her a spot in an elite FBI program for teens with innate crime-solving abilities, and into some harrowing situations. After barely escaping a confrontation with an unbalanced killer obsessed with her mother’s murder, Cassie hopes she and the rest of the team can stick to solving cold cases from a distance.

But when victims of a brutal new serial killer start turning up, the Naturals are pulled into an active case that strikes too close to home: the killer is a perfect copycat of Dean’s incarcerated father—a man he’d do anything to forget. Forced deeper into a murderer’s psyche than ever before, will the Naturals be able to outsmart the enigmatic killer’s brutal mind games before this copycat twists them into his web for good?

With her trademark wit, brilliant plotting, and twists that no one will see coming, Jennifer Lynn Barnes will keep readers on the edge of their seats (and looking over their shoulders) as they race through the pages of this thrilling novel.

Thank you  Bloomsbury, Flux and Disney-Hyperion!!

Books Won:


Tower in the Woods (Undead Fairy Tales #1) by Tara Quan

Raised by the Women’s Independent Territory Church (WITCH), Nel Zapur is a skilled sniper tasked to eliminate zombies. Never having once laid eyes on a man, she has been a prisoner in her tower for eleven long years. A fateful snowstorm leads a mysterious stranger to her window, and saving him may prove to be the best and worst decision of her life.

Special Agent Dane Prince was sent to gather intelligence on the WITCH, and his journey leads him to a mysterious tower in the woods. Snowed in with a virginal member of the feminist cult, Dane is determined to use the situation to his advantage. Not only will Nel provide him with the information he needs, she will also learn to submit to his every desire.

Based on the Grimm’s fairy tale “Rapunzel”, Tower In the Woods is a post-apocalyptic thriller, complete with zombies, snipers, a fateful snowstorm and…a hot, alpha male!



LSB Cover Art Template for PhotoShop

Catching Red (Undead Fairy Tales #2) by Tara Quan

Scarlet “Red” Ryding is on a mission. To prevent mass suicide, she must fulfill her grandmother’s evil wishes and return posthaste. With knives in hand, she dives headfirst into an abandoned hospital full of zombies. But after getting trapped within, she is forced to accept help from the world’s most dangerous predator—a man. Covert Agent Marcus Woodsman received strict instructions against interfering in the affairs of nomads. As a spy for the Federal Military Agency, his mandate is to observe and report. But when he finds a little redhead caught in the center of a brain-eater swarm, conscience compels him to put his ax to good use. By the time he realizes this smart-ass scout comes equipped with a world of trouble, it’s too late—he would do anything to keep her safe. As Red and her Woodsman work together to survive undead, brave a snowstorm, and bring down an evil cult, they learn to laugh, love, and fight for happiness. The second book in Tara Quan’s Undead Fairy Tales series, Catching Red is a post-apocalyptic thriller with a happily ever after.

Thank you Tara Quan!



Runaway Groom (Watkin’s Pond #1) by Virginia Nelson

The groom is back in town.

Abigail lost her best friend years ago when he ditched her at the altar like a loaf of stale bread. Now he’s back and determined to do whatever he has to—even lie, apparently—to get under her skin. Although he makes her hormones rev to life in a way that no one has since he left, she is equally determined not to fall for his boy-next-door charm.

His bride-to-be is somewhat reluctant.

Braxton Dean was too young and stupid to know better when he walked away. Years of trying to fill the Abby-shaped hole in his heart have left him empty, and now he’s going to win back his girl—or get over her. But first he needs answers. Particularly why she never responded to any of his letters.

It might take a whole town to make this wedding happen. With the help of their friends, the two battle it out. The army? An entire town of busybodies. The prize? Happily ever after.

Thank you Virginia Nelson!



See Me Wendy Higgins

While most seventeen-year-old American girls would refuse to let their parents marry them off to a stranger, Robyn Mason dreams of the mysterious McKale in Ireland, wondering how he’ll look and imagining his cute Irish accent. Prearranged bindings are common for magical families like her own, however when she travels to the whimsical Emerald Isle she discovers there’s more to her betrothal and McKale’s clan than she was led to believe.

What starts as an obligatory pairing between Robyn and McKale morphs over time into something they both need. But one giant obstacle stands in the way of their budding romance: a seductive and deadly Fae princess accustomed to getting what she wants—and what she wants is McKale as her plaything. Love, desire, and jealousies collide as Robyn’s family and McKale’s clan must work together to outsmart the powerful Faeries and preserve the only hope left for their people.




Taming a Wild Scot (Claimed by the Highlander #1) by Rowan Keats

In the Highlands of Scotland, plays for power are fought without rules, treachery and intrigue hold court, and, in one woman’s heart, danger stirs as relentlessly as passion…

Wrongfully accused of murder and left to die in a hellish Highland dungeon, Ana Bisset has lost all hope of freedom. But the beautiful healer’s luck takes an unexpected turn when a hooded stranger appears as her rescuer. After a harrowing escape, Ana settles alone in a quiet village where no one knows her past or her reputation. The last thing she ever expects is to meet her mysterious savior again…

Niall MacCurran is no hero, but a warrior on a dangerous mission to expose a threat to the realm. After his decision to free Ana, he now realizes that it is he who needs her help—willing or no—to advance his quest. But his growing feelings for the delicate yet resilient beauty soon jeopardize their safety—and not even Ana’s healing gifts may be enough to protect their love, or their lives.

Thanks Tantor Audio!

So that is what I got this week. What did you get?


22 Responses to “Stacking the Shelves!”

    • ladystorm

      Ariel, that is good to know, See Me sounds really good and I haven’t read this author yet. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Grace Fonseca

    A lot of good books in this haul. I still need to read Breath of Frost. The covers for that series are beautiful. Come visit me as well.

    Books of Love

    • ladystorm

      Oh, my you should read Breath of Frost! They do have lovely covers. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

    • ladystorm

      I hope Creed is creepy cause I need me some creepy reads. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Amber @ The Book Bratz

    I love anything by Wendy Higgins, See Me has been on my kindle for a while now so I think I should add it to my TBR pile. I hope you enjoy all of your books!

    Thanks for stopping by earlier today! 🙂

    • ladystorm

      Not read anything by her, so I am looking forward to this one. Thanks for stopping by.

    • ladystorm

      Shane, I suggest you give the first one a try! I love Alyxandra Harvey! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Alex :)

    I really like the look of your Netgalley ARCS this week! 🙂

    Killer Instinct is the second in a series isn’t it? I think I have the first one on my kindle!

    Alyxandra Harvey is one of my faves too! I have only just found out about her new series so I will have to check her out!

    Thanks for sharing &b I hope you enjoy all of your books! 🙂 xxx

    Alex @ The Shelf Diaries

    • ladystorm

      Yes, Killer Instinct is the second book of The Naturals series. If you have the first one I recommend you read it as I really enjoyed it. Sort of a serial profiler teen book.

      I have been a fan of Alyxandra Harvey since her first book Hearts at Stake (loved The Drake Chronicles) and I try to keep up with her books, I think I have only missed one (got to snatch it up

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • ladystorm

      Nikki, if you had Runaway Groom to your TBR pile I hope you enjoy it. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

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