Spotlight ~A Charming Voodoo by Tonya Kappes + giveaway!

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voodoo-blog-banner-1I have just started reading Tonya Kappes books but I am really enjoying them. I haven’t got to this series yet but I know it will be great.


Bubble. . . bubble. . .
Whispering Falls is abuzz with the new
housing development and new shops
popping up all over the magical
village right before the annual All
Hallow’s Eve celebration.

Cures and trouble. . .
June Heal’s intuition
is on high alert and she just can’t shake
that something bad is about to happen.

Magic stirs . . .
June finds Violet Draper standing over a dead body
In the new pumpkin patch hours before it’s supposed
to open for hayrides.

And trouble doubles . . .
Once again, June has to put her sleuthing skills to work
and figure out who the real killer is before the new
citizens pack up and move right back out of town.

This is the perfect time to pick up a fun cozy mystery!


Now besides the cool scavenger hunt giveaway that Tonya is putting on she is also letting me give away an audiobook from the Magical Cures Mystery Series of her choice.  Just leave a comment below with an answer to my question along with your email address so you can be contacted.

Since it’s close to Halloween, what is the strangest Halloween costume you have ever worn? Or seen?

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29 responses to “Spotlight ~A Charming Voodoo by Tonya Kappes + giveaway!

  1. holdenj

    How fun! One of the more unusual costumes I saw a couple years ago was when one of the neighbor boys trick or treated as Jim from the Office. It was a hoot!

  2. sally

    My favorite costume is Harry Potter. I even made my own wand out of a tree branch and smoothed it out and everything.

  3. Barbara Hackel

    Since it’s close to Halloween, what is the strangest Halloween costume you have ever worn? Or seen?

    Wow-harder than you would think to answer this one! It might be when my son was 9 he was reading about failed explorations to Antarctica and came across a picture of a dead sailor. He became interested and decided to build a coffin (to fit him-out of light weight wood) and carried it with him trick-or-treating. He dressed like the dead sailor’s picture-complete with creepy pale skin and rotting patches-and hopped in the coffin at every house while his brother and sister rang the bell. For fifty points, guess who had to carry the coffin?

  4. Amanda B.

    I’ve never worn anything strange, but I don’t understand how people can wear those big, blow-up sumo wrestler body suit things. I wouldn’t be able to walk around in that, and of course there’s no way to sit, or fit through a doorway, or get in a car…. Thanks for the contest!

  5. Jo Anne V

    someone at a party I went to came as “Static Cling” — had pieces of clothes stuck to their shirt and pants

  6. Kathleen Costa

    Strangest costume? I love Halloween, and costumes look so delightful when worn by youngsters. I saw a kindergartner dressed like a Russian nesting doll dragging behind her the little dolls. Many of my students didn’t get it, so I led to a nice cultural discussion.

  7. Donna Harms

    This is an awesome series! Thanks for being a part of the scavenger hunt. I don’t really think I had a strange costume…one of my favorites was an Irish (reddish blonde hair….snow white skin…)version of Ziva on NCIS 😉

  8. hum i don’t think i ever worn or saw a really strange halloween costume ( not that popular here so those with costume are quite traditional)


    this is really a series i recommend you read i loved all i’ve read so far

  9. Andrea Coates

    Once at a club I saw someone wearing a table around her midsection with a working lamp on her head. She said she was One Night Stand.

  10. Debbie S

    My strangest costume was one of the easiest and a complete mistake. I had to work so I wanted something easy. I painted my face orange and drew on what I thought was a happy jack o lantern face, it came out looking creepy, I scared a couple kids that day, not one of my better moments.

  11. Since I live in New Orleans and we have Mardi Gras where people dress up you would think I could come up with a weird costume. I guess it would have been this guy who had a cutout of a coffin and it was on his back down his legs so it looked like he was in it. That was kind of strange.

  12. Samantha McCarthy

    The oddest costume I ever saw was a guy dressed as a female pig with nipples running down both sides of the belly of the costume. It was kind of disturbing.

  13. Linda Moffitt

    I don’t wear costumes and sorry but don’t really pay attention maybe just an alien or something Thanks for the chance though my email is iamabho (at) gmail (dot) com

  14. Kim Templeton

    I can’t think of anything I wore for Halloween that was strange. But as a kid we had dress up day for a day camp I attend. My mom cut holes for my head and arms in a black trash bag on me and I went as a raisin.

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