Series review of Funjungle by Stuart Gibbs

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Since I read this whole series this year I thought I would give a little series review. If you don’t know by now I am a huge Stuart Gibbs fan. 🙂 I am trying to read all his books and I only have about 4 more to complete this task.

I started this series in January and just finished the latest one this week. I so can’t wait for the next one to come out!

Here is what I thought

So Funjungle is about Teddy Fitzroy and how him and his parents use to live in the Congo because his mother is a primatologistand his father is a wildlife photographer. Now they live back in the states but in a place called Funjungle. It’s basically a zoo with a fun name and Teddy’s parents are currently working there and they live in the employee housing which isn’t anything fancy.

In the first book Belly Up Harry the Hippo is found dead and everyone thinks it was an accident except Teddy, he sees something that makes him think someone killed the Hippo. So he sets out to figure it out and along the way he meets Summer who is JJ, the owner of Funjungles daughter and together they try and figure things out. His parents are not happy with him as he gets in a bit of trouble while trying to figure things out and JJ wants him to stay out of things. Of course that doesn’t stop him and he figures things out and you have the beginnings of a fun middle grade mystery series set in a zoo.

What I like about this series is that each features an animal that has a threat of going extinct, except for Tyrannosaurus Wrecks and besides dealing with a dino skull, it talks about black market trade with exotic animals. To be honest before reading this series I didn’t know that some of these animals are in danger of going extinct, like the mountain lion and grizzly bears. So I feel like they are great books for learning and the author also always has an authors note at the end talking about the animals mentioned and things you can do to help. These are great for young readers who are into animals and love mysteries. I always love a book I can have fun with and learn something new.

The characters in this series are a lot of fun too! I really like Teddy and his parents. His parents seem like that are very cool but they also worry a lot about Teddy as he has gotten into a few scraps sleuthing. He has also gained notoriety for solving crimes which makes him in demand sometimes. Summer is also an interesting character as her father JJ is very wealthy which puts her in the limelight which she hates and so she is does things to try and not be recongnized, like only wear pink when with her parents so that when she is other cloths she may not be as easily recongnized because everyone associates her with pink. It works sometimes but not all the time. Some of the securiety team at Funjungle are interesting too and some of the things that happen to Marge are very funny.  Teddy also has a group of friend he knows from school and are pretty interesting as well. I would say the one shady character is actually JJ the owner as he doesn’t always do things  the right way and Summer gets upset with him at times and so does Teddy’s parents.

Overall, this is just a really fun middle grade mystery series and if you like to read them where adult or kid you should give this series a try! It’s a sold 4 star series. 🙂

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