searching for ideas

July 14, 2007 Uncategorized 0

Have you ever thought about writing? Searching for that perfect idea only to wonder if it hasn’t already been done ten times over. I continue to search for ideas but I must keep a open mind when searching, because anything in your life can make a great book or movie. Okay so you might have to use your imagination a little and make your life more fun, but there is that one thing that that really stands out that you can draw from and create a great piece of work. To be a writer whether it is books or screenplays a writer must be a observer, reader, daydreamer,etc. You observer those you seen in your everyday life, the couple across the street, your coworker who is yelling on the phone, you must read newspapers, books, screenplays, and you must be able to go off to that far away land in your mind, if you can do this then you can create a great idea for a book.
I keep a small notebook with me at all times, so when I see, read or think of something that could possible be a idea I quickly right it down. Its important when you get started writing that you expand your mind and think anything in possible. So are you ready to get started writing, well then get going. Don’t wait for tomorrow or you will end up like so many of people who wished they would have went with there dreams.


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