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Review of Who Killed The Fonz ~ Two Bloggers One Book

I received this book for free from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Who Killed the Fonz? by James Boice
Genres: Mystery
Published by Simon Schuster on February 19, 2019
Pages: 208
Format: eARC
Source: Edelweiss

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The legendary 1950s-era TV show Happy Days gets reinvented as a gritty 1980s noir.
Late October, 1984. Prince and Bruce are dominating FM radio. Ron and Nancy are headed back to the White House. Crockett and Tubbs are leading men everywhere to embrace pastels. And Richard Cunningham? Well, Richard Cunningham is having a really bad Sunday.
First, there’s the meeting with his agent. A decade ago, the forty-something Cunningham was one of Hollywood’s hottest screenwriters. But Tinseltown is no longer interested in his artsy, introspective scripts. They want Terminator cyborgs and exploding Stay Puft Marshmallow men. If he isn’t interested in that sort of thing, his agent tells him, he’s gonna have to find new representation.
Then later that same day he gets a phone call with even worse news. His best friend from childhood back in Milwaukee, back when everyone called him Richie, is dead. Arthur Fonzarelli. The Fonz. Lost control of his motorcycle while crossing a bridge and plummeted into the water below. Two days of searching and still no body, no trace of his trademark leather jacket.
Richard flies back for the memorial service, only to discover that Fonzie’s death was no accident—it was murder. With the help of his old pals Ralph Malph and Potsie Weber, he sets out to catch the killer. Who it turns out to be is shocking. So is the story’s final twist.
Who Killed The Fonz? imagines what happened to the characters of the legendary TV series Happy Days twenty years after the show left off. And while much has changed in the interim—goodbye drive-in movie theaters, hello VCRs—the story centers around the same timeless themes as the show: the meaning of family. The significance of friendship. The importance of community.
Fast-paced and full of nostalgia, Who Killed the Fonz? is an ingenious twist on a beloved classic that proves sometimes you can go home again.
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This go around on Two Bloggers One Book, Barb and I decided to get nostalgic with a trip down memory lane with a book set in the 80’s but with the characters from the Happy Day’s TV show. After you check out mine go take a lot at what Barb thought, I am pretty sure we had similar thoughts on this one!

Here is what I thought

I used to love watching Happy Days reruns on TV when I was a kid and like many Fonzy was one of my favorites, so when I seen this book I was curious.

This is a story told in the 1980’s and Richie Cunningham is now known as Richard and is working in Hollywood as a writer. He is married to Lori Beth and they have two kids and life has been okay but his career has took a nosedive. He wrote a great screenplay that got nominated for an Oscar and now nothing. He worked for three years on a screenplay he loved but nobody wants heartfelt stories it’s the 80’s they want cool slasher movies, fast cars, etc. His agent tells him about a gig he has for him to write a screenplay for a space movie that sounds a lot like Star Wars except for there is more cleavage happening. Richard can’t believe his life has come to this and then he gets a call that his best friend from his younger years has been killed.

So he goes back to his hometown in Milwaukee for Fonzy’s memorial and while he is there he finds out that something wasn’t right with what happened to Fonz. So he gets involved in trying to figure things out.

So this is a very nostalgic book and because of that I enjoyed most of this book but it was a bit of a let down because it was kind of boring in spots. The mystery of Fonz didn’t even happen till we were over 50% in (it was totally to easy to guess whodunit) and so I felt that he first part of the book really dragged, but in that first part was some great Happy Days memories which was enjoyable but still it dragged.

I think this would be enjoyable for mostly fans of Happy Days, I don’t really see it being a lot of fun for those who are not familiar with the show as I said before it could be boring. I am glad I read it because the ending really was the best part and I did enjoy the nostalgic feeling it gave me.

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12 responses to “Review of Who Killed The Fonz ~ Two Bloggers One Book

  1. I loved the show. Still sing the theme song now and then:) Sorry the book didn’t quite do it for you. It would be fun to see who got his leather jacket! Dies it share that?

  2. I think I love the idea of the book taking the characters and revisiting them in the future. Sorry it didn’t work for you. It sounds like it could have been a fun ride if done correctly. Great Review! 🙂

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