Review of What the Bride Didn’t Know|TBR List

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Review of What the Bride Didn’t Know|TBR List

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

What the Bride Didn't Know by Kelly Hunter
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romance
Published by Harlequin Pages: 217
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley


Shh…it's a secret!

Special ops expert Trig Sinclair is a man's man, and that means he knows the cardinal rule of the bro code—no matter how dynamite Lena West is, as his best friend's younger sister, she's strictly off-limits!

But when a secret mission to Istanbul sees Lena and Trig pretending to be married (and sharing a bed!), he finds himself in a whole new world of sweet torture…. But if Trig thinks playing the honor-bound hero is tough, it's got nothing on how Lena feels when she discovers what her "groom" is really hiding….

First Line

It wasn’t easy being green. Green being the color of envy.

What I thought of this book

I don’t read a lot of contemporary so I wasn’t sure how I was going to like this one but it turned out to be pretty good.

Lena has always struggled in her own mind to be as smart and great as her genius siblings. She has always been in love with her brother Jared’s best friend Adrian aka Trig. She followed them everywhere doing all sorts of daring things and even entered the Australian Intelligence Service with them.

Nineteen months ago she was shot and almost killed and now she can verily walk. She feels weak and doesn’t know how to stop pushing herself. Now she wants to go find her brother Jared who has been missing for the past nineteen months because he is determined to find out who shot her. Trig can’t let her go on her own. So he suggest that they go together and once she lays eyes on Jared and he sees her they can go home.

Trig has been in love with Lena since they were kids but he had to respect the bro code. Now they are adults and he has decided to lay it all on the line but then Lena gets mugged by pickpockets and loses her memory. She doesn’t lose all of her memory and she can remember a lot of it but she can’t remember why they are in Instanbul. She over heard him telling the doctor that she was his wife, so she thinks they are married.

Trig should have corrected her but he didn’t know how to go about telling her the truth and then once it gets going it becomes harder to tell her. He thought she would get her memory back quick but that doesn’t happen. This can only lead to disaster and makes for some fun moments.

I loved Trig so much, he was so sweet and he really was such a gentleman through out the whole thing. I really felt sorry for him because here is a woman he loves who really thinks they are married and he won’t take advantage of that fact and has her trying to seduce him all the time. He was my favorite character.

Lena is a tough cookie she grew always trying to be as good as her brother and Trig. After getting hit in the head she was different when it came to her injuries it seemed she was more apt to accept what happened. Trig likes that part of the new Lena but he wanted the old Lena back. I can’t really say that I got to attached to Lena because you don’t really get to know the real Lena that much because through most of the book she has memory loss. This is really a book more about the hero than heroine to me.

I totally loved the ending to this one as it was just super cute to me. 🙂

It was a cute, fun contemporary and if you like these types then you will probably enjoy it. I am a little bit tempted to check out others in the series cause this is like book three which is why I sort of put it on the back burner for so long cause I hate diving into the middle of a series.

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  1. What’s practical with this type of series is that they can often be read as standalones 🙂 But if it’s that fun, it would be a shame to miss the other books ! Great review !

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