Review of Throw a Monkey Wrench

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Review of Throw a Monkey Wrench

I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Throw a Monkey Wrench (an Emma Cassidy Mystery Book 1) by Karen Chester
Pages: 223
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Event planner Emma Cassidy has returned to her hometown to rebuild her life. She’s hired to throw a housewarming party for the brash and arrogant Tony Barnet, who’s eager to impress the big end of town. But when the party ends in disaster, Tony is quick to blame Emma, and the subsequent rumors spell doom for Emma’s business.

Thank goodness she still has the job of planning Sean and Madison’s wedding. Sean, one of the notorious McCluskey clan, is about to marry Madison, the beautiful daughter of the rich and powerful Whites. But when Tony Barnet is killed, the police swiftly arrest Sean McCluskey. Though the evidence is damning, Emma is convinced her friend is innocent. With Sean facing prison, the wedding in jeopardy, and her fledgling business in danger of tanking, Emma must unravel the mystery and expose the real killer before it’s too late.

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First Line

Elegantly dressed guests filled the great room, the light from crystal chandeliers glinting on jewelry and cufflinks and tanned skin.


What I thought of this book

In Throw a Monkey Wrench Emma Cassidy is a party planner. Her last company she had didn’t go very well when her partner cleaned her out and left her with unhappy customers. Her boyfriend ended up  being a total jerk. So she has came back home to try and start over and has started a new party planner service.

Her first real big gig goes all wrong when someone poisons some of the food making several sick. Then one of the host of the party Tony Barnett ends up dead the next day. So not only are people associating her with the food poisoning but with a murder. It’s not good for business.

Then a guy she went to school with whom had hired her to plan out his wedding ends up the prime suspect in the murder. His fiance is distraught and ask her for help and they seem to be the only two who thinks he didn’t do it. So in order to save her company from a great big downfall she must figure out what happened. It’s not like there isn’t a list of suspects a mile long as the man was not at all nice, but the police are not looking anywhere else as they believe they got the right man.

I enjoyed this first in the Emma Cassidy mystery series. It had a good mystery and some fun characters.

Emma is sort of down on her luck, had to move back in with her father and is really in need of some good luck but she isn’t finding much. She keeps clashing with her ex-boyfriend Owen from high school who is now a deputy sheriff and I can see a love interest blooming in among all the fighting. 🙂 I really liked Emma.

I only had one problem with this book and that is a grammar mistake, not that my grammar is great but it was the guys name so you really need to get that right. Either call him Barnett or Burnett but you can’t keep changing it around, kind of confusing. Other than that I liked it.

If you like cozy mysteries then I think you will like this series.

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4 responses to “Review of Throw a Monkey Wrench

  1. Yeah, those little misspellings get to me too. Sounds like a fun cozy though.
    Sorry I took so long to come by today. This morning I couldn’t get on your sight. Guess your host was down for a bit.

  2. That would have driven crazy. I read a book a few months back and the name of one of the characters changed so much I couldn’t help but mention it in my review. Authors really need to read their book over and over again before publishing in my opinion.

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