Review of There’s a Murder Afoot

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Review of There’s a Murder Afoot

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

There's A Murder Afoot by Vicki Delany
Published by Crooked Lane Books on January 7, 2020
Pages: 336
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley

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Just in time for Sherlock Holmes's 166th birthday, the fifth installment in national bestselling author Vicki Delany's Sherlock Holmes Bookshop mystery takes Sherlockania to the max with a Holmes convention and historic 221 Baker Street.
Gemma Doyle and her friends travel to London for a Sherlock Holmes convention--but will Gemma's father take the fall for a felonious forger's fatality?
The 6th of January is Sherlock Holmes's birthday, and lucky for Gemma Doyle, January is also the slowest time of the year at both the Sherlock Holmes Bookshop and Emporium, and Mrs. Hudson's Tea Room. It's a good time for Gemma and her friends to travel to England for a Holmes Convention. For Gemma, the trip provides an opportunity to visit her parents, Jayne Wilson is excited about seeing all the sites London has to offer, and Ryan Ashburton just wants to spend some time with Gemma. But the trip is immediately derailed when Gemma's father Henry recognizes his brother-in-law Randolph Manning, who disappeared more than thirty years ago on the night he stole a valuable painting from his own parents.
Henry, a retired detective with Scotland Yard, has been keeping tabs on the man's career as a forger of Old Masters and he warns Randy to stay away from his family. Randy is at the conference selling his own art, a series of sketches inspired by the Holmes Canon. The ever-observant Gemma notes that he isn't exactly popular with some of the other conference attendees, but when Randy is found dead after the banquet with a dazed and confused Henry Doyle standing over him, the police leap to assume his guilt. It's up to Gemma, with the help of her friends, to plunge into the "lowest and vilest alleys" of London to save her father from prison.

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Here is what I thought

In book 5 of the Sherlock Holmes Bookshop mysteries the gang has landed in London for a Sherlock Conference!

Donald signed Gemma up to speak at a Sherlock Holmes conference without telling her and when she got the call about doing it she almost said no, but then she decided it would be nice to take a vacation back to her home country and visit her family. Jayne her friend wanted to go as well and of course Gemma’s boyfriend detective Ryan got some time off to go, and Grant the rare bookseller thought it would be a good thing to go to to try and find some rare books in London for some buyers and of course Donald, the lover of all things Sherlock Holmes is going as well!

The conference was going really well until Gemma meets a man rude man who she finds out is the uncle she didn’t know she had and her father gets into several confrontations with him. He has been estranged from the family since he stole a rare painting from the family thirty years ago. He has been in jail and is an art forger, so when he is found dead there are several suspects.

The things is when they found him, they also found her father who had been hit on the head and was just coming too when a lady found them and screamed. Quickly, Gemma’s sister Pippa, whom I have to think works for the government in some capacity, get to work on figuring out what to do. Gemma and her sister knows that their father is going to be a suspect so they put forth a plan, most of which it requires Gemma to do the sleuthing because Pippa can’t get involved.

I really liked this one and think it might be my favorite one. I love Gemma, Ryan and Jayne, but  I loved the introduction of Gemma’s sister Pippa and the romance that blossomed between her sister and Grant. Donald cracked me up as always with his over the top zeal for all things Sherlock.

I really liked the mystery and I didn’t figure it out so that is always good. I think I should have figured it out but I got things a bit wrong just like Gemma…lol.

I am so excited to be caught up on a series and recommend this for anyone who loves cozies!

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