Review of The Plot is Murder ~Two Bloggers, One Book

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Review of The Plot is Murder ~Two Bloggers, One Book

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Plot Is Murder by V.M. Burns
Published by Kensington Publishing Corporation on November 28th 2017
Pages: 256
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley

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The small town of North Harbor on the shores of Lake Michigan is about to have a new mystery bookstore. But before the first customer can browse its shelves, the store's owner is suspected of her own murder plot . . . Samantha Washington has dreamed of owning her own mystery bookstore for as long as she can remember. And as she prepares for the store's grand opening, she's also realizing another dream--penning a cozy mystery set in England between the wars. While Samantha hires employees and fills the shelves with the latest mysteries, quick-witted Lady Penelope Marsh, long-overshadowed by her beautiful sister Daphne, refuses to lose the besotted Victor Carlston to her sibling's charms. When one of Daphne's suitors is murdered in a maze, Penelope steps in to solve the labyrinthine puzzle and win Victor.
But as Samantha indulges her imagination, the unimaginable happens in real life. A shady realtor turns up dead in her backyard, and the police suspect her--after all, the owner of a mystery bookstore might know a thing or two about murder. Aided by her feisty grandmother and an enthusiastic ensemble of colorful retirees, Samantha is determined to close the case before she opens her store. But will she live to conclude her own story when the killer has a revised ending in mind for her?

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Here is what I thought

It’s time for another Two Bloggers, One Book review where both  Barb @ Booker T’s Farm and I read the same book and give our reviews. Sometimes we love them and sometimes we don’t. Please go and stop by her blog to see what she thought of this one!

The Plot is Murder is a very different cozy in the fact that there is a book within the book. I am not a huge fan of this no matter what genre as it can get very confusing. Also, it could not be a good thing for the author if I like the book the MC is writing more than the actual book. 😉

Samantha “Sam” has recently lost her husband and  still a bit in the mourning stages, but she did do the one thing he asked her to do and that was to by the brownstone they had been admiring. They were both lovers of books and wanted to open a mystery bookstore and so that is what she did. At the beginning of the story she just about has it ready to open.

The man who sold her the house Clayton Parker comes around to her house wanting to talk but she won’t let him in because he is a scoundrel and so of course he ends up dead out behind her home which is also the brownstone. Sleuthing commences. 🙂

Story within Story – Sam is writing a British cozy mystery which seemed like more of a romance at first than mystery. It’s about two sisters Daphne and Penelope and Victor who thinks he is in love with Daphne and so Penelope decides to help him by having him pretend to like her instead and then a murder happens. The man who was calling on Daphne, Charles Parker is stabbed out in the garden and Victor sees Daphne out there with blood on her dress. Sleuthing happens. 🙂

What I did like:

  • The MC is opening a mystery bookstore! What is not to like about that!
  • Nana Jo and her gang. Oh my they are just so funny. It’s sames Grandmother and her friends from the retirement villa. They are pretty smart and not just old people who sit around doing nothing. I do think I am partial to Irma cause she is really spunky and is always trying to say a cuss word and being yelled at by everyone before she does.
  • Dawson, he is a young man in need of some help and kind of adopted into the family. They set him up with a room and he bakes them goodies to sell in the bookstore.
  • The MC Sam is a good character but I think the old folks sort of shine a bit brighter for me.
  • There are two cute adorable poodles named Snickers and Oreo!

What I didn’t really like:

  • The book within a book was just really confusing at times.
  • From the little bits I told you about up there can you see a resemblance in some names! I don’t think the author should have used names that were too close to the same. I kept getting confused on if it was Clayton Parker or Charles Parker I was suppose to be concentrating on!
  • Your reading along and then all of a sudden it’s the other book. Now after awhile I did figure out that when she can’t sleep, she writes, but when she is done writing, I think the author needed a better way of ending it. Like put a *** so I know the next page is going to be back to the MC’s story and not her book. Am I confusing you yet cause I was confused. 🙂
  • You only get bits and pieces of the book within the book so that confused me sometimes cause I was like wait, what, where are we again?? Also, I really liked the British parts more than the other parts sometimes, and wanted more of that story. 🙂

Okay so overall I liked it and it has a good mystery (both did), but I had to many hang ups to warrant giving it a higher rating than I did. Will I continue the series, maybe, I guess I will decide that when I see the next one. At least I will know going in that it might get crazy and confusing. 🙂

If it sounds interesting give it a try but at least you have been warned the contents could be a tad confusing but very fun at times. 🙂

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8 responses to “Review of The Plot is Murder ~Two Bloggers, One Book

  1. I agree. The book within a book or sometimes parallel time threads in stories can be iffy for me.
    But, the mystery book shop, the fun older ladies, and the young baking guy do sound like good additions.

  2. This sounds interesting. Sorry it wasn’t just a little bit better for you though. I still have never read a cozy mystery! I bought one last year and I haven’t read it yet. I can’t even remember what the name of it is. LOL! I’m a mess. 😛

  3. How can you not love someone called Nana Jo? I’ve read a few books that had books within the story. Some authors are good at it (Tiffany Reisz is a master), but I’m not a fan of that as a way to tell a story. It does get a bit confusing.

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