Review of The Nightmare Thief

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Review of The Nightmare Thief

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Nightmare Thief by Nicole Lesperance, Federica Fenna
Genres: Middle Grade, Fantasy
Published by Sourcebooks Young Readers on January 12, 2021
Pages: 304
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley

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A girl. A dream shop. And a nightmare thief, determined to get revenge.
Maren Partridge loves working in her family’s dream shop, where she can handcraft any dream imaginable. There is only one rule: dreams cannot be given to a person without their consent.
Maren has no problem with this—until her sister, Hallie, has an accident that leaves her in a coma. Maren’s certain she can cure Hallie with a few well-chosen dreams. And when no one is watching, she slips her a flying dream.
But a new customer from the shop has been following Maren and knows what she did. And the stranger has laid the perfect trap to blackmail Maren into creating custom nightmares for a dark and terrible purpose. As Maren gets drawn further into the woman's sinister scheme, she must make a choice: to protect her family or to protect the town from her family’s magic.

Here is what I thought

Marin and her family are dream makers, it’s the type of magic they have. In this world there are a variety of different types of magic. You can have your choice of good dreams or nightmares and there are rules as you are not to give someone a dream without their permission.

The dreams remind me of little dissolvable papers and you put under your tongue before bed. They can make all types of dreams and Marin loves it but lately she has other things on her mind. Her sister is in a coma and all she can think about is trying to do something to help her.

This woman comes into their shop and she wants to buy ten nightmares but Marin’s gran-gran will only sell her three at a time with a reminder that she isn’t to give them to someone else. Marin doesn’t understand why she can’t give her sister a dream, she thinks it might help her, but it’s against the rules. Though while her gran-gran is helping the lady she slips a couple dreams in her pocket.

At the hospital Marin is visiting her sister and finds out that her parents are getting ready to find a different place for her sister because she isn’t getting better and there are long term care places for coma patients. While there she runs into that one lady who wanted the nightmares who is really creepy.

When Marin thinks nobody is looking she gives her sister a dream and that sets the trouble for Marin as someone was looking. Someone who wants lots of nightmares! The lady starts blackmailing Marin into getting her nightmares or she will tell her grandmother what she did.

There is are a few things going on in this story and I won’t say any more because I don’t want to accidentally spoil something  but I will say it takes a little building up in the beginning to get to the more interesting parts of the story. Instead of facing the consequences of what she done she tries to take on the bad lady all on her own.

I liked Marin, she was flawed but a good character, she cared about her family a lot. Wanting to help her sister came from the heart though she did the wrong thing by breaking the magic rule and knew she shouldn’t do it.

So I am going to admit that in the beginning I wasn’t sure if I was going to finish this one or not. I thought it to slow paced for my taste, but I wasn’t at the giving up mark I set for myself so I kept going and after about 40% it got more interesting and I was more invested in what was happening though I think I kept yelling at the MC to just tell her grandmother! 🙂

Overall, I liked it and I am curious enough to see where it goes in the future as it is a series.

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