Review of The Marriage Wager | #Coyer review

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Review of The Marriage Wager | #Coyer review

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Marriage Wager by Jane Ashford
Genres: Historical Romance, Romance
Published by Casablanca, Sourcebook Pages: 384
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley

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When Emma Tarrant enters a gambling house to find her brother losing to a gamester, she follows the strange man home and attempts to settle the score. Colin Wareham is intrigued by Emma's offer, and when he wins the first hand, he suggests another game. Should he prevail, Emma would be his prize. But as he's collecting his winnings, Emma's father storms in and demands a marriage. Though forced together, Emma and Colin's passion begins to grow... until a sinister man from Emma's past emerges to raise the stakes.

Reviewed by Stormi

The Marriage Wager was first published in 1996 and was recently reprinted on the 5th of November with a new updated cover. I wanted to mention so those who might have read it before won’t think it’s a new book. I know I hate buy a book that looks new and then finding out I read it once before.

The Marriage Wager is about a marriage of convenience that turns into more as the book progresses. Emma has been married before and really has no thoughts of ever doing it again. She married for love the first time and all it brought was heart-ache as she soon learned that her husband really just wanted her for her fortune. He was a gambler and playing cards is the only thing she learnt from that relationship.  He was killed because of his gambling and Emma detest gaming, but it’s the only way she can make a living for herself.  Her father never agreed to her marriage and disowned her so her and Edward had moved abroad but now she has come back home. While at a gaming house she finds her younger brother gambling away a lot of notes to an older  gentleman.  I loved Emma she was a very independent type of woman!

Colin is a Baron who went to war and came back a changed man. He is a little bit more hardened and has really bad nightmares of his time at war. He has no time for the chits that his mother tries to set him up with.  The first time he met Emma he knew she was different, especially since she burst into his home wanting to play him in a card game. He was the man who had won the notes from her  brother and she was determined to get them back. His prize if he won was her which caused a bit of a compromised situation when her father burst into Colin’s house and found his daughter there and demands they be married. I loved Colin.

Emma has no intentions of marrying Colin, she would rather go back abroad. Colin sees it as a opportunity for him. He likes Emma, because she isn’t like the young ladies his mother flaunts in front of him. So he strikes a bargain with Emma. He knows that she needs a place to live and a way to be presented back into the ton, and he wants a woman who is not looking for a lot of emotion. He will have a wife and his mother can leave him alone.

The marriage gets off to a bit of a rocky start but as it progresses you can tell that they are a really good fit and that they like each other a bit more than either is willing to admit. Emma knows she is just part of a bargain so she tries to keep her emotions in check. Along the way there are a few things that threaten their marriage and they will be forced to look at what they have together. Like in most romance there is that part where I want to wring the neck of at least one of them for not doing what they should.

I like marriage of convenience romances, I always know how they are going to end up just like any other romance but it’s fun to see how they get there and realize they are in love with each other and how they struggle to tell each other. If you like historical romances then you will probably like this one as well.



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One response to “Review of The Marriage Wager | #Coyer review

  1. Great review, Stormi. This is exactly the kind of historical romance novel I love to read! A marriage of convenience that turns into something more, but both of the participants are afraid of showing their hand… erm I mean heart! so they don’t really show any feelings.

    This is going on my TBR right now! Thanks for sharing 🙂 And great going on your COYER challeng, too!

    Happy reading.

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