Review of The Last Clinic

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Review of The Last Clinic

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Last Clinic by Gary Gusick
Series: A Darla Cavannah Mystery, #1
Genres: Crime, Mystery
Published by Alibi, Random House Pages: 250
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley

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In a fast-paced, suspenseful debut novel for fans of Harlan Coben and Lisa Gardner, detective Darla Cavannah goes Deep South in pursuit of a merciless killer.

Outside the local women’s health clinic, the Reverend Jimmy Aldridge waving his protest sign is a familiar sight. But that changes early one morning when someone shoots the beloved Reverend Jimmy dead. Sheriff Shelby Mitchell knows the preacher’s murder will shock the good people of Jackson—and the pressure to find the killer is immediate and intense, which is why Shelby calls in detective Darla Cavannah.

When police detective Darla moved from Philadelphia to Jackson with her husband—hometown football hero Hugh “the Glue” Cavannah—she never imagined the culture shock that awaited. Then after Hugh dies in a car crash, Darla enters a self-imposed exile in her Mississippi home, taking a leave of absence from the sheriff’s department. Now she’s called back to duty—or coerced, more like it, with Shelby slathering on his good-ole-boy charm nice and thick, like on a helping of barbecue.

Reluctantly partnered with a mulish Elvis impersonator, Darla keeps a cool head even as the community demands an arrest. The court of public opinion has already convicted the clinic’s doctor, Stephen Nicoletti, but Darla is just as sure he’s not guilty—even as she fights her growing attraction to him. From the genteel suburbs to a raunchy strip club, Darla follows a trail of dirty money and nasty secrets—until the day of judgment comes, and she faces down an ungodly assassin.

Reviewed by Stormi

This is a debut novel from author Gary Gusick and I can defiantly tell that it was written by a man.  That being said it was over all not a badly written novel, but there was some things that made me do an eye roll or two. I can see where some might have a problem with all the name calling and racial slurs, but it is a book based in Mississippi. I know for a fact that there are still a lot of people down south who still talk like those in this book, it actual surprised me when I took a trip there several years ago.

The Last Clinic is about the murder of Reverend Aldridge a man who was an avid protester  of the abortion clinic in Jackson Mississippi. One morning while he was getting ready to do his protesting he is shot and pinned up on the cross that he normally carried while protesting. Everyone seems to think that the only suspect in this case is the Dr. at the abortion clinic. Most of the religious sect are so steamed they are about ready for a old fashion lynching.

Detective Darla Cavannah has been on leave since the death of her football legend husband. They moved from Philadelphia to Mississippi and then he was killed in a car accident. She is considered a Yankee by most of those in Mississippi and for that matter everyone who isn’t a southern is considered a Yankee.  The Sheriff is desperate and wants her on the case so she grudgingly goes back to work and her partner on the case is a young detective who thinks he is Elvis. (except he can’t sing a lick, but thinks he can)

Tommy Reylander, the young detective, was a member of the Reverend church and already has Dr. Nicoletti in his sights for the murder. Darla isn’t so sure the Dr. is guilty and the more she looks into the Reverend’s affairs she is finding other motives. The beloved Reverend wasn’t as squeaky clean as everyone seemed to think he was. Tommy is a media hound and wants all the attention and glory, while Darla wants to follow the leads and find the real bad guy.

After finding some money that the Reverend had in his glove compartment Darla decides to follow the money. This leads to a really interesting mystery that involves more than Darla would have ever thought. Though some things did surprise me as the story line went on I sort of had an idea on who killed the Reverend but it was interesting to see it all play out.

Over all I did enjoy this book but there was times where I just thought things seemed out of place. For instance the whole Darla and Dr. Nicoletti sex scene just really made me go what?? Not that I didn’t think it would happen but I think it was just the timing seemed off, it reminded me of one of those movies where they seem to just through the scene in there for the fun of it.  Other than that it was an interesting murder mystery and if you don’t mind the overly done racial slurs and a few mishaps here and you like mystery crime novels then I think you should give it a try.


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