Review of The Girl From Silent Lake ~ Blog Tour

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Review of The Girl From Silent Lake ~ Blog Tour

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Girl from Silent Lake by Leslie Wolfe
Genres: Mystery, Crime
Published by Bookouture on February 19, 2021
Pages: 375
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley

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“Please, not in front of my daughter,” she pleaded. “She’s just a little girl.” He leaned closer, so close she felt his heated breath on her face. The blue jays that had been filling the valley with their chirping fell silent all at once when the woman’s cry ripped through the clear mountain air…
Detective Kay Sharp vowed she’d never return to her childhood home. On the night of her thirteenth birthday her broken family was shattered beyond repair, and leaving was the only option. Unable to fix her own past, she’s been an FBI profiler for over a decade, desperate to save others.
But now Kay’s back and only she can solve the crime that has rocked the tight-knit community of Mount Chester to its core. A dead woman has been found by Silent Lake under the dew-covered Fall leaves, her hair braided and her body wrapped in a blanket. This small town may be a stranger to murder, but Kay recognizes the signs of a serial killer. She’s certain that the ritualistic nature of the scene means it’s just a matter of time until he strikes again––unless she catches him first.
As yellow do-not-cross tape flaps in the biting wind, another woman is reported missing. Kay leads a frenzied search for out-of-towner Alison Nolan and when she locates her car, Kay’s blood turns to ice as she shines her flashlight on the backseat and sees a teddy bear. Alison’s six-year-old little girl, Hazel, has vanished too.
Kay knows the missing-person investigation could turn into a murder case at any second. But as she hunts for the culprit, her own past closes in on her. Can she find the killer before it’s too late? And will the secret she thought she’d buried stay that way?

Here is what I thought

FBI profiler Kay Sharp gets a call from her brother about how he is in trouble and will be going to jail and she knows what that means. She is going to have to leave the FBI and go back home to a place she doesn’t want to be as it holds to many bad memories.

While she is there she learns about a body found at Silent Lake and she gets involved in trying to solve the crime because she knows that it’s the work of a serial killer. It took a little persuasion to get the locals on board with her theory especially since she is currently not with the FBI, but then they find more bodies.

Kay has a secret from when she was a child and while investigating these crimes it comes back to haunt her making her question how the killer knows.

I enjoy Kay as a character as she is pretty determined, strong and very good at her job, but I have never been a fan of law enforcement having a tainted past even if it is something that happened when she was child. It’s a secret she has to keep that could affect her future and anyone around her if it got out. My favorite character would have to be Elliot the local detective, him and Kay made a good team.

It took some getting use to how the story was set up as it had chapters with the victims, the killer, Kay’s memories and then Kay’s POV in present time. I would say my largest complaint is knowing who the killer was so early on in the book. It wasn’t meant to be a secret at least I don’t think it was as it was to easy to figure out but it was like once I knew all I wanted was for Kay to figure it out because it was easy to do if should would have done some things sooner than later, when that happens I get a bit bored and in a hurry to get finished with the book and I don’t like that feeling!

It was still a really good detective novel and I will be on the lookout for the next one in the series.

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