Review of The Garden Plot

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Review of The Garden Plot

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Garden Plot by Marty Wingate
Genres: Cozy, Crime, Murder, Mystery
Published by Alibi, Random House on May 6th
Pages: 267
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley

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In an entirely appealing mystery debut, Marty Wingate introduces readers to a curious Texas ex-pat whose English gardening expertise on occasion leads her to unearth murderous goings-on.
Pru Parke always dreamed of living in England. And after the Dallas native follows an impulse and moves to London, she can’t imagine ever leaving—though she has yet to find a plum position as a head gardener. Now, as the sublet on her flat nears its end, the threat of forced departure looms. Determined to stay in her beloved adopted country, Pru takes small, private gardening jobs throughout the city. 
On one such gig in Chelsea, she makes an extraordinary find. Digging in the soil of a potting shed, Pru uncovers an ancient Roman mosaic. But enthusiasm over her discovery is soon dampened when, two days later, she finds in the same spot a man’s bludgeoned corpse. As the London police swarm her worksite, ever inquisitive Pru can’t quite manage to distance herself from the investigation—much to the dismay of stern Detective Chief Inspector Christopher Pearse. It seems that, much as he tries, even handsome DCI Pearse can’t keep Pru safe from a brutal killer who thinks she’s already dug up too

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If you want to know anything about English Gardens then just read this mystery novel. A good start to a new mystery series.

Pru is an American living in London and she really want’s a head gardening position. She has given herself one year and her year is almost up, so she is trying really hard to find work. She sublets a house from a couple who are vacationing, but when they come back she will not have a place to say. An older lady as Pru to help her surprise her husband by starting a garden in the backyard.

One day when Pru goes back there she discovers a dead body in the shed and gets to meet DCI Pearse. She is afraid that the inspector is going to suspect Mr. Wilson of murder so she sets out to try and prove he didn’t do it. Even when evidence starts to look as if he could have she refused to believe it because the Wilson’s have been so kind to her.

There is a little bit of romance in this mystery between Pru and DCI Pearse and I will say that probably helped me like this novel a bit more. I enjoyed the characters in the novel. Pru is a bit stubborn in her ways as she has resigned herself to having to leave and go back to the states because she can’t get the job she wants. She really has no family back in the states and it’s like she can’t see all the family if not by blood she has right there in London.  She is a pretty spunky lady as twice she had to fiend off attackers and she always did a pretty good job of it.

DCI Pearse seemed like a very pleasant policeman once you get past the ‘you just stepped all over my crime scene’ attitude out of him. DCI Pearse and Pru seem to just sort of fall into a normal routine of meeting each other after their by chance meeting at a nature thing. (can’t remember what it was called) He gets mad at her for always pursuing police matters but it has more to do with him not wanting her to get hurt than her interfering in his investigation.

The Wilson’s were a really cute older couple who really take Pru under their wings and make her a part of their family. Jo, Lucy and Cordelia are like the sister’s Pru never had and they were really nice side characters.

If you are into gardening then you will really enjoy all the gardening lingo and talk of flowers and what have you, but if your like me then it will probably bog you down a bit. I guess I should have expected all the talk about flowers and gardening even though that is not my thing it was still an interesting cozy mystery novel.

I would recommend it to anyone who likes cozy mysteries with a bit of gardening and British flare.

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