Review of The Blessed Bones

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Review of The Blessed Bones

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Blessed Bones by Kathryn Casey
Series: Detective Clara Jefferies # 3
Genres: Mystery
Published by Bookouture on March 29, 2021
Pages: 306
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley

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When Detective Clara Jefferies returned home to Alber, Utah, she knew it would take a long time to convince the closed community to trust her. So she is surprised to be called to private land up in the mountains, until she hears that the bones of a young girl have been found. And hidden in the dark depths of the grave are the remains of a baby too…
Digging into the town’s missing persons files, Clara is shocked to discover that pregnant girls have been going missing for years. And when she spots Ash Crawford, the first cop on the scene, praying over the bodies, she begins to suspect that he knows more about the victim than he’s letting on.
With Crawford staying silent, and the identity of the girl still unknown, Clara’s only choice is to visit every family living on the mountaintop, desperate to find what they might be hiding. But doing so means facing the man she was once bound to, and the tall iron gates of the ranch she ran away from all those years ago.
Then another pregnant girl is reported missing, and Clara ramps up her search, racing to find her alive. But can she uncover the town’s dark secrets in time to save both the girl and her unborn child?

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Here is what I thought

Detective Clara Jefferies is still trying to get use to being back in Alber and there is still a lot of resistance because she is considered an outsider now. Clara use to live in Alber which is a polygamist town and her family all still lives there and after things that transpired in book one she is now the new Chief in Alber.  She has been getting a lot of hate mail and from one person in particular but nobody knows who it is but it’s very threatening.

She gets called in on a case that isn’t exactly in her district but it’s close by and because she has been looking for a missing girl since the first book and they have found a buried body they called her in. Her friend/semi-boyfriend is the detective over their and he is the one that called her in. When they get there though they find an ex-US Marshall trying to hone in on the case. He says that he can help with getting her DNA, etc. ran faster with his connections and the Doc wants his help and Max doesn’t seem to mind, but there is just something about him Clara doesn’t trust.

The body is of a young girl and it’s mostly bones so she has been there a while and she was pregnant as there was little bones with hers. Clara doesn’t think her missing girl was pregnant but she couldn’t be for sure and so she starts looking in the databases for missing pregnant girls. Meanwhile, she is also working on some old cases because when she took over she found a whole room full of cases that nobody did anything about because of the corruption with the police and those who ran the town. She found a case with a young boy who was abused and that one of his sisters was the one that turned it in but nothing was ever done about it and it’s been to long to really prosecute it unless they can go a different angle, but first she has to figure out what happened to them because as far as the father is concerned he doesn’t have those kids, they ran off and are no longer a part of the family.

So there is a lot going on and there is also some issues with her relationship with Max and how he wants everyone to know but she wants it hush hush for now. I really like how the author can put so much into the book and still make it all come out very well.

I really love the Clara, she has overcome a lot from living in this town when she was younger, getting help getting out from under it and being brave enough to come back when she was needed and then staying. Because of a lot of thing that happened when she was younger (being married off to a 60 something man when she was just a teenager) it has her putting up a lot of emotional barriers that she is having to learn to bring down. I also really like Max who was actually her childhood crush who was kicked out of Alber because they do that when they have to many boys so that they can have enough women for having the extra wives. (It’s very messed up) I think they make a cute couple. Some of the other secondary characters are pretty interesting and then there are those I really want to smack, like her mother, who is so stubborn and won’t bend for anything.

Though I was pretty sure I knew kind of where the mystery was going it was still kind of surprising. It really makes me curious about a commune type town like this and if they are really run like this and so corrupt in their hierarchy that many of the men can get away with such horrible things. It sure makes for a pretty great series.

The story is told in first person and third person (Max) which I found strange at first but then I got use to it and thought it worked rather well.

This series has quickly become a favorite and I look forward to the next one especially with how this one ended with an ominous threating letter! Highly recommend this series! I also think it should be read in order to understand and get the background on the town.

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