Review of Storm Blown

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Review of Storm Blown

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Storm Blown by Nick Courage
Genres: Middle Grade
Published by Delacorte Press on July 16, 2019
Pages: 352
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher

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"Beautiful, vivid writing and a power-packed plot . . . I truly loved it." —Lauren Tarshis, bestselling author of the I SURVIVED series
"Fans of Lauren Tarshis's I SURVIVED series who are ready to move on to lengthier selections will gravitate toward this title. A must-have for all upper elementary/middle grade libraries" —School Library Journal (Starred Review)
"Set against the backdrop of suspense and fear in the face of nature's wrath, Courage tells a storm-centered adventure, filled with action, danger, and life lessons, about two kids facing more than just a hurricane." —Booklist
A major hurricane is raging across the southern United States, and two unsuspecting kids are about to have the adventure of a lifetime! Perfect for kids who love high-stakes plots and natural disaster movies, and anyone interested in extreme weather!
A little rain and wind don't worry Alejo--they're just part of life at the beach. As his padrino says, as long as there are birds in the waves, it's safe. When people start evacuating, though, Alejo realizes things might be worse than he thought. And they are. A hurricane is headed straight for Puerto Rico.
Emily's brother, Elliot, has been really sick. He can't go outside their New Orleans home, so Emily decides to have an adventure for him. She's on a secret mission to the tiny island Elliot loves. She's not expecting to meet up with an injured goose or a shy turtle. And nothing has prepared her for Megastorm Valerie. Soon Alejo and Emily will be in Valerie's deadly path. Who will survive?
"Reminiscent of high-stakes blockbusters, the intense, time-stamped scenes switch back and forth between settings, trying to capture the overwhelming power of the natural world and the futility of humanity's attempts to control it." —Kirkus

Here is what I thought

Storm Blown was an interesting natural disaster story and although I did find it interesting there was some things I was disappointed in as well.

This is a story told in many different pov’s with the main ones being Emily and Alejo the two pre-teen kids who where in the storm. The other pov’s were that of a bird, the National Climatic Research Center, and Emily’s dad. There could have been some others but those are the main ones.

It also takes place in two different places as we get to know Alejo who is from San Juan and is with his Padrino who works for a resort. Alejo helps out for some extra spending money. His Padrino was off work and went home to storm proof his home, but Alejo stayed behind to help with storm preparations. It doesn’t take long to learn that this isn’t just a small storm but could become a hurricane and Alejo is worried about his Padrino so when nobody would help him he DRIVES a van in a STORM to go find his uncle.

Then we have Emily who is in New Orleans and the storm hasn’t quite got there yet. She is kind of bummed because she can’t see her brother because he just has surgery and can’t have germs around him. She decides to cheer him up by going to their favorite park and island to take pictures and show how brave she is on her own. Here she meets a goose and a turtle who become her friends I guess. I mean the goose follows her around but the turtle didn’t have much choice but seemed to like to stay with her anyway.

Some other things happen but ultimately she starts to sneeze which panics her mother and she decides to send her away to a friends house so she don’t get germs on her brother. Having a little pity party because her mother is treating her this way and it’s all about her sick brother she decides to go off on her own with an almost dead phone. Then she remembers she left her book in the park and goes to get it. Now her friend has told her how there is a storm coming because they had to evacuate from the beach they were at so when it starts getting a bit stormy out you would think the girl would have sense to go home but NO. She is mad at her mother and since she doesn’t really think it’s going to be a bad storm she stays where she is, but she doesn’t know that the storm has been bumped up to a megastorm.

Elliot can’t get ahold of his sister so he gets out of bed to go find her with fresh stitches in his stomach! We know this has catastrophe written all over it.

Eventually the two povs combine as the last part of the book is all in New Orleans where Alejo meets Emily and Elliot and the storm is really bad.

Out of the two story povs I liked Alejo the most because I can see him being worried and going to look for his uncle, but he also does some pretty stupid things along the way. Emily on the other hand I just thought she was a brat and that most of this wouldn’t have happened if she would have just went home when it started to rain.

Besides thinking that the kids should never have done what they did and should have been smarter about things. I also didn’t like how it wrapped up. I felt that I didn’t get a safe and happy ending for everyone. I was left wondering what happened to Alejo with his broken arm, we know that his Padrino is okay and that Alejo is with his mother but that is it. Then there is Emily and Elliot and their parents. What happened to Elliot? He was in a bad way because he was sick to begin with so what happened? What happened to the pilot or cameraman? I thought there should have been a little more than what I got at the end.

Now that is me but I am sure kids will think this is a pretty cool adventure story about surviving a natural disaster. I think it’s also a good guide on what not to do when it storms and maybe parents can talk to their kids about what to do if your seperated and something like this happens. So if you have young readers I think they would enjoy this book more than I did.

Though there were a few things that bugged me I thought it was a decent middle grade read! 3.5 stars! #middlegradebooks @randomhousekids Click To Tweet
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