Review of Staged 4 Murder

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Review of Staged 4 Murder

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Staged 4 Murder by J.C. Eaton
Published by Kensington Publishing Corporation on June 26th
Pages: 320
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley


Casting suspicion . . .
Sophie “Phee” Kimball wants to get some work done at her private investigation company in Arizona—and she’s distracted already by her old crush, who’s arriving from Minnesota to join the staff. The last thing she needs is constant updates from her mom on the local production of Agatha Christie’s “The Mousetrap.” Practically everyone from Mom’s book club and retirement community, with the possible exception of her chiweenie, Streetman, wants to join the cast and crew. But someone’s playing the role of the killer for real.
After a much-despised cast member is found dead on a catwalk in the theater, Phee has no choice but to be drawn into all the backstabbing and backstage gossip. Especially if her drama-queen mother is right about the vaguely threatening note left on her windshield, which could mean curtains for another victim . . .

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First Line

The wet sponge that hung over the Valley of the Sun, sapping my energy and making my life a misery for the past three months, wrung itself dry and left by the end of September.

Here is what I thought

J.C. Eaton is a fantastic writing duo and this series is just so much fun it always has me laughing out loud!

Sophie is a bit nervous about Marshall coming to work for the agency as she had a major crush on him back home. She doesn’t have a lot of time to dwell on that as her mother has joined the theater! They are doing an Agatha Christie novel, Mousetrap and the Booked 4 Murder club are buzzing with excitement at being able to act out a murder mystery. Only a few of them are actually in the play but others are working behind the scene. It doesn’t take long for things to go wrong.

Soon the director gets food poison and they have to bring in a new director and then Sophie’s mom and another from the club get a strange message on their cars and they just know they are going to be next, then the lead actor is killed and it just gets crazier from their as those Book 4 Murder girls are fun of crazy, quirky fun! I do feel a little sorry for poor Sophie as it’s so easy to see those eye rolls, etc.

Her mother won’t give in till she gets her boss and Marshall involved as she just doesn’t think the police are doing enough. So Sophie is dragged into another murder and doing her best to figure it out while placating her mother. It does allow her to work beside Marshall which she doesn’t mind but at the same time she hates having him in the think of her mother and her friends antics. Marshall takes it all in stride and has fun with it.

This book just has an awesome cast of characters and I just love everyone of them! Sophie is a saint for putting up with her mother and her friends and they are so good for a laugh. This is one of those series that if you are in need of a laugh then you will read it again just for the laughs and giggles! I also love Nate and now Marshall is winning my affection. Just a great group of main and secondary characters.

Maybe not everyone will figure out this mystery as quickly as I did but I had it pegged pretty early on but it didn’t hinder anything as it’s really the fun characters and their antics that I love more than the mystery. 🙂

I highly recommend this series if you love cozies!

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  1. I’ve been reading this one but had to put it on hold a bit for a scheduled review book. This is such a fun series and I’m so glad it lived up to the previous books for you. I don’t mind if I guess the killer early on if the reading experience is still enjoyable – which is definitely the case with this series!

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