Review of Spirit Hunters

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Review of Spirit Hunters

I received this book for free from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Spirit Hunters by Ellen Oh
Genres: Middle Grade
Published by HarperCollins on July 25th 2017
Pages: 288
Format: eARC
Source: Edelweiss

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We Need Diverse Books founder Ellen Oh returns with Spirit Hunters, a high-stakes middle grade mystery series about Harper Raine, the new seventh grader in town who must face down the dangerous ghosts haunting her younger brother. A riveting ghost story and captivating adventure, this tale will have you guessing at every turn!
Harper doesn’t trust her new home from the moment she steps inside, and the rumors are that the Raine family’s new house is haunted. Harper isn’t sure she believes those rumors, until her younger brother, Michael, starts acting strangely. The whole atmosphere gives Harper a sense of déjà vu, but she can’t remember why. She knows that the memories she’s blocking will help make sense of her brother’s behavior and the strange and threatening sensations she feels in this house, but will she be able to put the pieces together in time?


First Line

“Harper! Come quick!”

Here is what I thought

This was my first book by this author but it won’t be the last. I really enjoyed this creepy ghost story for young readers.

Harper is not happy about moving from New York to Washington DC but she really starts to hate things when her brother tries to introduce her to his new friend Billy who lives in the house too and she can’t see anyone. One of the reasons they have moved was for a fresh start after Harper endured a tramatic experience in a hospital, the thing is she doesn’t remember what happened and nobody can explain it. There was a fire at her school, she was sent to Briarly and while there she had several bones broken.

Strange things are happening in their new house and her new friend Dayo tell her that everyone always thought her house was haunted. She just can’t believe it but how else can she explain the strange things happening to her little brother. The longer they live there the stranger he gets and she starts to think there is someone in the house and he wants her brother.

Harper starts to remember things from that patch at Briarly and it’s making her a believer in ghost and she is also having visions of that evil boy in the house who she believes is trying to possess her brother. She also learns some things about her heritage and about battling ghost and she will do what ever she has to to save her little brother.

I really liked Harper, she just wants things to be normal but not being able to remember what happened to her really bugs her. Her older sister isn’t as close to her as she use to be and gets mad at her a lot. Her little brother who loves her starts becoming this really mean scary four year old. She has a lot on her plate for only being twelve but she handles things well.

Okay so for a middle grade book I thought this was rather creepy so be careful about who you let read it. Maybe those on the older side of the middle grade spectrum or if you have some who really love creepy books and are ready for something scarier than goosebumps. I thought it was very well done and I felt like I was in a scary house while reading it.  There is no mention of it being a series but I could see it as one if the author decides to do it. 🙂

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