Review of Sing Like No One’s Listening

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Review of Sing Like No One’s Listening

I received this book for free from Publicist in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

SING Like No One's Listening by Vanessa Jones
Published by Macmillan Children's Books on September 1, 2020
Pages: 352
Format: ARC

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Make your mark. Raise your voice. Fame and Glee meets Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl in former West End actress Vanessa Jones’ YA novel, Sing (Like No One’s Listening).
Since her mother died, Nettie Delaney hasn’t been able to sing a note. This wouldn’t be a problem if she wasn’t now attending Dukes, the most prestigious performing arts college in the country, with her superstar mother’s shadow hanging over her. Nettie has her work cut out for her and everyone is watching.
But one night, in an empty studio after college, Nettie finds herself suddenly singing, as someone behind the curtain accompanies her on the piano. Maybe all is not lost for Nettie. Maybe she can find her voice again and survive her first year at Dukes. But can she do it before she gets thrown out?
A novel about dreaming a dream, finding and raising your voice, and not throwing away your shot!

Here is what I thought

So I don’t read a lot of  Young Adult Contemporary but now and then I like to try one and read outside my comfort zone and now and then I find one I enjoy. 🙂

In Sing Like No One’s Listening Nettie is at an audition to try and get into the Dukes Academy, it’s a music and dance school. Her mother has been dead for I believe about a year and she has been living with her grandmother who isn’t a real nice person so this is sort of her escape. The thing is right before she goes on to sing for her audition she gets a message on her phone from her mother that must have gotten lost in the phone world till right then. It totally screws with her head and messes her up and she can’t sing.

Surprisingly she gets accepted into Dukes and she thinks it’s kind of strange because she bombed her audition, but she is excited to go. Now if she can just manuvere around and fake her way though things till she can find her voice again. Things are pretty tough at Dukes and right off the bat she seems to get in the line of sight of a couple mean girls who are second term students because it seems a second year  boy has taken an interest in Nettie.

Nettie also makes some really good friends as Alec sort of takes her under his wing and then she meets another girl Kiki, who seems to never eat. Of course there is Fletch the second year boy who is an amazing with a guitar and he writes songs. When she helps him with a part he was having trouble with he decides they should write together. This doesn’t go over well with the two mean girls.

Soon they are spending a lot of time with each other and then right before Christmas break something happens, it’s a bit of miscommunication but Nettie things he has feelings for someone else and that part gets a little annoying. Meanwhile, she is working very hard on getting her voice back because it really is a psychological issue and she has a teacher helping her.

I know nothing about the music/dance academy type things but it did seem to have some stereotypical characters, the mean girls, the eating disorders, and the over the top gay male.  Some of the teachers where mean but for the most part there was some good ones. I think Steph her music coach was probably one of my favorite characters. I liked Nettie well enough but she just annoyed me some. Fletch was pretty cool but he handles something very badly and if he wouldn’t have could have solved things.

So for the most part I did enjoy this but I think the romance aspects of it tainted things a bit. I really had miscommunications in romances and a lot of time even in adult ones it irks me. This one though could have been solved if she would have just ask Fletch about things instead of assuming she knew who it was that he liked!!! I really wanted to smack her at times.

I totally loved the ending and had figured out some things revolving the ‘other girl’ and I do think this would make a cute YA movie for netflix. I would recommend this for anyone who enjoys a YA contemporary.

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