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Review of Ross PoldarkRoss Poldark by Winston Graham
Genres: Historical
Published by Sourcebooks Landmark Pages: 400
Format: eBook
Source: Library

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Cornovaglia, 1783. Ross Poldark, figlio di un piccolo possidente morto da poco, torna a casa, esausto e provato, dopo aver combattuto per l’esercito inglese nella Rivoluzione americana. Ora è un uomo maturo, non più l’avventato ed estroverso ragazzo che aveva dovuto abbandonare l’Inghilterra per problemi con la legge. Desidera soltanto lasciarsi il passato alle spalle e riabbracciare la sua promessa sposa, la bella Elizabeth. La sera stessa del suo arrivo, però, scopre che, anche a causa di voci che lo davano per morto, Elizabeth sta per convolare a nozze con un altro uomo. Non solo: Nampara, la casa avita, si trova in uno stato di abbandono, cui ha contribuito anche una coppia di vecchi servi, fedeli ma ubriaconi. Devastato dalla perdita del suo grande amore, Ross decide di rimettere in sesto Nampara e di concentrarsi sugli affari che il padre ha lasciato andare a rotoli, tornando a coltivare le terre e lanciandosi nell’apertura di una nuova miniera. Nella terra ventosa di Cornovaglia – aspra quanto la vita dei suoi minatori, percorsa dai fremiti di nuove sette religiose e afflitta da contrasti sociali – si intrecciano i destini dei membri della famiglia Poldark e di Demelza che, diventata una bellissima donna, è determinata a conquistare il cuore dell’uomo che le ha cambiato la vita.

Here is what I thought

So I am finding myself drawn to more older novels that a lot of the newer ones that have come out. There are a lot of elements in the new ones I don’t care to read about. So one of my goals this year is to read more classics/older books and this one wasn’t really even on my radar until I came across the tv show on amazon prime. After enjoying the first four or five episodes I decided to read the series or saga instead.

This book goes through several years from 1783 -1787 and is about Ross Poldark, a man who has just came back from fighting in the Revolutionary war to his father dead, his estate in ruins and the lady he loved is marrying his cousin. Ross has to pick up his life and try and move on but it’s not easy to do. He has no money and the two caretakers who were suppose to take care of things are a old drunk couple. He has to sell what he can just to make it from day to day but he has ambitions. He wants to open a copper mine like his father had before. To do that he will have to find some financers to back him which is not real easy to do when you have only your name to go on and not even sure if you will find copper.

One day while Ross is in town he rescues a young girl, named Demelza, who is being boxed around and teased by some teenage boys. He feeds her and offers to take her home but she isn’t real keen on that as her father beats her too, so he offers her a place at his home as a maid. Of course this gets around and of course the way people talk they think there is only one reason he would take a young girl into his home that is not his relation. This also makes it harder on his dealing with the wealthy of the town, but he really doesn’t care much about what they think.

So most of the story really is just how he deals with trying to make money for the tenants on his land by trying to get the mine going, dealing with the fact his first love is married to his cousin and other things that I don’t want to say to spoil anything.

So to be honest I am not really huge on historical fiction type stories but I do like the time period in which this is centered and I was really enthralled by the story of a man who probably was a bit spoiled going into the war but came out a different man and seen things differently and really could care less if his peers seen him differently or not. The way he cared for those around him and wanted to help those on his land and try and forget about the woman he loved marrying and just moving on. It wasn’t easy, he still struggles with wanting Elizabeth even though he is with someone in the end. I am curious about what is going to happen next so I will slowly make my way through this 12 book saga I believe.

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2 responses to “Review of Ross Poldark

    • Stormi

      The show is really good! If you like historical fiction that is all about one family and what happens throughout the years you might enjoy it. If your not a historical fiction reader then go with the show…lol. 🙂 It was hard to talk about the book without giving to much away but so much happened and it’s like but if I say that it seems spoiliery but then the next book is all about that person so is it really spoilery…lol.

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