Review of Rocky Mountain Miracle

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Review of Rocky Mountain Miracle

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Rocky Mountain Miracle by Christine Feehan
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Paranormal, Romance
Published by Pocket Star Pages: 192
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley

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No Christmas will ever be the same after Cole and Maia meet on a snowy western ranch… Find out why in #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan’s romantic holiday e-novella!

When Cole Steele, a womanizer rumored to have killed his father, meets Maia Armstrong, a veterinarian rumored to practice magic, the sizzling romance could melt all the snow on his Wyoming ranch. And when an injured horse brings them together, Cole can’t help but believe that Maia casts spells on animals—and men. What else could explain the burning passion he feels for her and the thawing of his heart just in time for Christmas?

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Rocky Mountain Miracle is my first book by this author but I am very much open to trying some others as I really enjoyed this one. I would like to note that I have seen some people comment on the fact that this book use to be called The Shadows of Christmas past so it must be a reprint of an older book.

First Look

Cole Steele could hear the screams coming from the room down the hall. He knew those nightmares intimately, because the demons also visited him every time he closed his own eyes.

What I thought of this book.

Snowed in Christmas type books with people who are totally opposite in demeanor are really my favorite type. This book has a lot of great things going for it, a ranch, sexy damaged cowboy and his younger brother, mystery and a vet who can communicate with animals!

Cole Steele didn’t even know he had a brother till word about it came to him that he was the young teens guardian becuase his father had been killed. Moving back home brings about a lot of painful memories and some of them will never go away. His younger brother Jase is turning out just like him and that is one thing he hopes he can fix. They are both products of a very powerful and very abusive father. Christmas time is the worst time of the year because it brought about painful memories of his father killing his favorite animal and it happened to Jase as well. They both lost their mothers to the brute of a man and the house is still haunted by the man because Cole nor Jase has really tried to make it their own.

Her gaze jumped from the bottle to his face. In that one, unguarded moment, she caught a glimpse of a man ravaged by pain, by unspeakable horror, and she knew the truth. Jase had not been the only one to be abused.

Cole fights his demons by either going undercover with the need for adventure or through sex. He doesn’t get close to anyone and is not looking for a relationship. He knows he is to damaged for anything like that but he really is trying to make things work between him and his younger brother. The only thing is someone murdered their father and he can’t be entirely sure it wasn’t Jase and there are of course rumors floating around that Cole did it for the money and that he wants to kill Jase as well.

Maia is sort of a traveling Vet, she doesn’t stay in one place long enough to forge any type of relationship because it’s just easier for her that way. It’s because she has to keep her way of handling animals a secret, she learnt that the hard way. She has been watching Cole watch her for days now as she plays the drums in a bar. He seaps sexuality and she knows he can have anyone in the bar, so why does he continue to watch her when she clearly keeps telling him no. It’s probably because he know he is warring her down. Then he gets a frantic call from Jase about something horrible happening to the boys favorite horse. Cole pretty much demands that Maia come with him.

It’s snowing pretty heavy and they have a hard time getting to the ranch especially because they keep getting interrupted by animals. Owl, deer, and wolves oh my! (sorry I couldn’t help it). They all show Maia all kinds of violence and death and she is really worried about going out to Cole’s ranch.

“I don’t know, Cole. What do you think? She’s really nice. Maybe we could put up a tree or something.” Cole had his back to the boy, and he closed his eyes, his gut kicking up a protest….. “We’ve never done that before, either one of us. It might be interesting. The old man would turn over in his grave.”

While Maia is at the ranch she mentions her love for Christmas and Cole really wants to get Jase out of his fears so they try and do Christmas. It’s way out of Cole’s comfort zone and it really hearts Maia’s heart that these two men (one older and one young) have never known the joys of Christmas. Jase really wanted too but he only wanted to if Cole wanted too. That was a lot of the theme throughout the story. It was why Cole was trying so hard to want to do things they both feared.

Rocky Mountain Miracle is filled with so much sadness as you find out the horrible things they both Cole and Jase have endured. The frightened looks on both of their faces, the cold looks that Cole can resort back too. His need to escape. Because Cole is older he is way more damaged than Jase.

I will be the first to admit I don’t like sappy and I hate crying at books, but the Christmas scene in this book just had me blubbering as I was laying in my bed determined to finish before going to sleep. The whole book was ragging with different types of emotions and it was so sweet how Maia touched both of them and turned their lives into something different in the short time they were snowed in.

I really really enjoyed this one and would recommend it for anyone who likes contemporary or Christmasy type books.

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  1. I haven’t read anything by Christine Feehan but have heard of her. Does COYER recognise the danger of reading reviews and getting hooked! I can see I may end up in early March with more books than I started!

    • Stormi

      Hi Kathryn, yes COYER does know the dangers..ahem fun of reading reviews and getting hooked. We often joke about it in the COYER facebook We also have from time to time recommended free or nearly free books in be 🙂

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