Review of Pushed to the Limit

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Review of Pushed to the Limit

I received this book for free from Great Escape Tours in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Pushed to the Limit by Karen Chester
Published by Author Pages: 236
Format: eARC
Source: Great Escape Tours
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Also by this author: Throw a Monkey Wrench (an Emma Cassidy Mystery Book 1)

pushed to the limit large banner321First Line

“So, this is it. Thirty years, and now it’s almost over.” Stacey Shulman uttered a sigh and shook her head. “A retirement party, a silver watch, and some handshakes, and then it’s adieu.”

What I thought of this book

In Pushed to the Limit, Emma Cassidy is working hard as a party planner. She also has to man a booth at a yard sale type thing and she sees that Faye is up to her old tricks. Faye is a busybody and she is not afraid to let others know what she has found out and one day it was going to backfire.

That day happened to be the same day as the sell. Faye had left her bag full of goodies so Emma went to her house to deliver it and found the old lady lying on the ground. She claimed that Emma pushed her! What she had just gotten there, but she calls the ambulance and lets them take her away hoping she wouldn’t be spouting out to everyone that she pushed her.

So now Emma feels that she must  find out who pushed Faye down her stairs before she remembers that she accused Emma of being the one who done the dead. The thing is where do you start, Faye has made so many enemies that even her own sister can’t stand her most of the time.

Faye, has pictures of indiscretion, she has gotten a young man in trouble with the law and he had to drop out of college, she is claiming that she hurt her shoulder and wants 50,000 from a restaurant and the list goes on. So who would be made enough to try and kill the old lady?

Pushed to the Limit pushes Emma to her limits as she tries to find out who might want to hurt the old lady that she is not even fond of. She ends  up having to take care of her bird, then staying at her house. It takes being neighborly to a whole new level.

There was so many people who could want to harm Faye that I had a hard time figuring out who it was and I knew there was some I hoped it wasn’t just like Emma.

This second installment of the Emma Cassidy mysteries was really interesting and I am looking forward to the next one. I really enjoy Emma and the characters in this series and I am finding myself invested in them and want to see what happens to them.

If you like cozies then you might like this series. 🙂

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