Review of Murder on the Menu

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Review of Murder on the Menu

I received this book for free from Great Escape Tours in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Murder On The Menu by Zanna Mackenzie
Published by Author Pages: 266
Format: eARC
Source: Great Escape Tours

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A dead boss, a sexy spy living next door – Lizzie’s in BIG trouble!

Lizzie Carter used to be a city girl with a great career and a steady boyfriend on the brink of proposing but then it all fell apart. These days, she’s living in the middle of nowhere and waitressing to make ends meet.

When her creepy celebrity chef boss is stabbed one night in the restaurant kitchen, the police have Lizzie at the top of the list of suspects. Enlisting the help of her gorgeous new neighbor Jack, who claims he’s some kind of special agent on enforced leave, might not be her best idea yet, but Lizzie’s prepared to do whatever it takes to save herself from landing in jail when she’s perfectly innocent.

Now, she has a To-Do list which includes:
*Keep her job at the restaurant
*Stay out of jail
*Figure out how to make the farm she inherited pay its way
*Beat her nemesis, the ancient cooking range in the farmhouse kitchen, and manage to bake yummy cakes so she can sell them to the village store
*Try to ignore her growing attraction to Jack
*Oh, and track down the person who actually did murder her boss.

Sleuthing can’t be that tough – can it?

First Line

I’m a nice person. Honestly I am.

What I thought of this book

Not read this author before but I like mysteries that surround food, though this one didn’t have a lot to do with food as much as the person who was killed was a chef.

Lizzie works for a creep at a restaurant dubbed The Veggies by those who eat there. Chef Armand is a jerk and hits on all the ladies and Lizzie is one of them. She might have wished he was dead or dreamed of it happening but she never thought it would actually happen and her be the prime suspect.

Someone killed Armand on the night he asked Lizzie to work late so she was the last one to see him alive, except for the killer. She has no clue how to help herself off of the suspect list so it’s a good thing her neighbors brother is in town helping him on the farm. Jack works for the Celebrity Crime Investigation Agency and is on suspension for going against protocol of some sort.

He tells Lizzie that he will help her as he is an agent and knows how to deal with this sort of thing. She is not sure she believes him but she needs help and if he is willing to help she will let him.

Lizzie inherited her Uncles farm and to compensate the income she worked as a waitress. She had something horrible happen to her in London and so she wanted to get far away from there and on a farm is about as non city as you can get. I liked Lizzie but she also has her faults. Jack sounds adorable and a bit of a bad boy in the way that he seems to have his own set a rules when it comes to protecting a client which goes against the CCIA. I liked Jack probably more than Lizzie.

I enjoyed this mystery but it did have a few faults, as there was some grammar mistakes that bugged me. I am horrible at grammar so it doesn’t normally bug me but some times I would have to read the sentence a couple of times. I thought the romance went a bit to fast for me as cozies normally have a bit of a slow burn romance. (This is just a personal preference of mine.)Other than that it was an interesting mystery.

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