Review of Murder in a Bayou Boneyard

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Review of Murder in a Bayou Boneyard

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Murder in the Bayou Boneyard by Ellen Byron
Series: Cajun Country Mystery #6
Published by Crooked Lane Books on September 8, 2020
Pages: 304
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley

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Also in this series: Cajun Kiss of Death

Maggie Crozat, proprietor of a historic Cajun Country B&B, prefers to let the good times roll. But hard times rock her hostelry when a new cell phone app makes it easy for locals to rent their spare rooms to tourists. With October--and Halloween--approaching, she conjures up a witch-crafty marketing scheme to draw visitors to Pelican, Louisiana.
Five local plantation B&Bs host "Pelican's Spooky Past" packages, featuring regional crafts, unique menus, and a pet costume parade. Topping it off, the derelict Dupois cemetery is the suitably sepulchral setting for the spine-chilling play Resurrection of a Spirit. But all the witchcraft has inevitably conjured something: her B&B guests are being terrified out of town by sightings of the legendary rougarou, a cross between a werewolf and vampire.
When, in the Dupois cemetery, someone costumed as a rougarou stumbles onstage during the play--and promptly gives up the ghost, the rougarou mask having been poisoned with strychnine, Maggie is on the case. But as more murders stack up, Maggie fears that Pelican's spooky past has nothing on its bloodcurdling present.

Also by this author: Plantation Shudders, A Cajun Christmas Killing, Body on the Bayou, Mardi Gras Murder, Fatal Cajun Festiva, Cajun Kiss of Death

This is book 7 in the Cajun Country mystery series and one of my favorite series! This one is no exception!

In this one there is a few things going on. First, Maggie and her family learn that they have a relative they didn’t know about in Canada thanks to one of those DNA testing sites. The whole family was really excited about this and since they needed a masseuse for their spa and this new relative was one they thought it would be a great opportunity to meet their new kin and hired her for the spa. Bad move!

Second thing going on is that some rich guy is buying up property around Pelican and has an app called “Rent my Digs” and is out pricing all the plantation B&B’s which includes her parents place. So she comes up with this fun idea since it was getting close to Halloween to have a “Pelican’s Spooky Past” package offered and all the B&B’s decide to do this to try and go against the Digs guy. It seems to be working, but with all the spooky comes something they didn’t expect.

So things don’t go well with the new family member as it seems there could be ulterior motives for them coming to Pelican. Then someone dressed up as a rougarou, which is a werewolf and vampire hybrid, is scaring off the B&B guest. The only good thing that happens with the sightings is they get some paranormal people to stay at their B&B. 🙂

When a person dressed up as the rougarou ends up dying because the mask has poison in it things go from bad to worse for Maggie and her family. It’s a very complicated mess that has to do with the new relative and because the death happens in half of another county it’s not just the Pelican police that are involved and those guys seem to have it out for Maggie!

Like I said a lot was going on in this one but I loved every minute of it! Maggie and Bo are also planning a wedding with her grandmother as she is getting married too! She is in her eighties and is so super cute as a bit of a bridezilla…lol. I think my only complaint is there wasn’t enough Gopher time in this one! (That is the lovely dog on the cover)

As always I loved the characters! Love Maggie and Bo they make such a cute couple and love how much she cares about his son. Love her family especially her grandmother! Even some of the characters I wasn’t a fan of in the beginning of the series I have come to like and enjoy.

I thought the mystery was pretty good because I only got it half right so there was bits that surprised me which is always good!

I highly recommend this series!

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