Review of Montgomery Manor ~ Blog Tour

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Review of Montgomery Manor ~ Blog Tour

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Montgomery Manor by Allie Harrison
Genres: Suspense
on February 24th 2016
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley
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Welcome to Montgomery Manor, a beautiful Bed & Breakfast complete with gorgeous guest rooms, a five-star restaurant, and a haunting history of true love, betrayal, and murder...
When soulmates Quint and Meg Falkner inherit moldering Montgomery Manor, they are in way over their heads. With a bit of faith and strange push they cannot ignore, they jump head first into bringing the large, compelling house back to its original grandeur.
But something is different...something is...wrong. Quint isn't acting himself, and Meg keeps seeing visions, images of the past seeping into her very soul. When Meg becomes the target of a mysterious, dangerous admirer, her world implodes, leaving her vulnerable to the otherworldly inhabitants of the house...the very house calling out to her, its secrets begging to be uncovered.
Endless corridors, echoing darkness, and hidden treasure weave together in this tale of everlasting love and second chances.
Can Meg and Quint make a new life for themselves in Montgomery Manor, or will Montgomery Manor's secrets tear them apart forever?

Also by this author: Hargrove House: The Haunted Book One

AllieHarrison_TourBadgeFirst Line

Meg Falkner shivered, but she wasn’t certain whether the weather or the cold unease that ran through her caused it.


What I thought of this book

I thought the first one was pretty interesting so when I seen the second one had come out I jumped on a chance to check it out. I love ghost stories! And this one has some creepy moments.

Meg is hesitant about her husband Quint wanting to keep the Montgomery Manor and fix it up. She thinks it’s a huge task and she also feels creeped out by the Manor. She has heard the ghost stories though she doesn’t really believe in ghost, just just think it’s a huge commitment to take on.

As her husband takes on the Manor his demeanor changes. She hadn’t seen him in a while and then the day the Manor is having it’s grand opening, he stops by her book shop and he looks dark, mysterious and alluring. He is dressed up from his normal carpenter shirts and dust. He was never one to kiss in public but all of a sudden he has kissed her more than once in public, she likes it but still wonders what happened to her husband.

The look in her husbands eyes are different, he seems like her husband but at the same time he is different. She hints that he is possessed  by a ghost and he doesn’t deny it but she figures he is more or less joking. He seems to like to tease her about ghost.

Then there is a mysterious stranger who keeps sending her roses. He even called her and said he would be watching her at the grand opening. We get a glimpse of his POV and he is happy she is at Montgomery Manor as that is where she belongs and he had been waiting a long time for her to get here. Creepy!!

This is a really strange book and just like the first book it really holds your interest as you need to find out what is going on. Are the ghost real, is someone taunting them, what is going on with Megs husband, etc. I am really enjoying this creepy and strange series.

If you like eerie romances where the couple is already married then you might like this, it’s also a good ghostly mystery.

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Excerpt #3:

Meg was tired, her feet ached. Her jaws hurt from the constant smile she kept on her face for all of Quint’s party guests. She needed to catch her breath. Maybe she’d just take her own little tour and get away from the crowd for a while.

Why not?

After all, she did own the house, or at least half of it. Just as she could stay here whenever she wanted, she could also look wherever she wanted.

She gave one last quick glance about the large room but didn’t see Quint anywhere, otherwise she would have told him she needed to find a quiet place to get some air. Instead she wandered away from the party. It wasn’t difficult. Other partiers were either caught up in their own conversations or busy studying the house and the décor. She found a small stairway, and ascended. After walking a long, dark, dusty hallway filled with tools and ladders, Meg realized she was in the part of the house Quint continued calling the North Wing. It was the part of the house he hadn’t refurbished or remodeled yet. It was quiet and dark and a bit colder than the rooms she just left, suffering from years without heat or cleaning or maintenance. She welcomed the cooler air.

Though echoes of the party drifted up to her through the darkness, for the moment, this place was what Meg needed. Quiet from the storm of the party downstairs, and the emotions pinging through her. She made her way to the windows at the end of the long hallway, and slipped off her shoes, allowing the bare floor to soothe her aching feet.

The view from the window captured her gaze. Through the steady rain and lightning of the storm, she saw the neglected gardens filled with weeds and trees and shadows. She heard the surf crashing against the nearby rocks and knew, without a doubt, that on a clear day, this window would offer a magnificent view. For now, she could only see the part of the parking lot lit by the streetlight.

She took a deep breath and inhaled the heavy scent of must and the lumber stacked nearby.

She closed her eyes and pressed her head against the chilly glass.

A slight frigid breeze flowed through the hall. Had someone opened a door? She didn’t open her eyes. The chance to rest against the chill of the glass was simply too good. What did she care if someone else snuck up here for a moment alone?

He moved her hair slightly. She could have sworn she felt Quint’s familiar touch. There was a soft touch to her neck; like the touch of a feather. It could have been fingertips. It could have been lips.

She sighed. So Quint had followed her to steal a moment alone. Wonderful…

She waited a few heartbeats, but the soft touches didn’t continue. Meg opened her eyes and looked over her shoulder.

She was alone in that dark, cold, musty hall.

Available Here: Amazon

P1010186 - CopyAbout Allie Harrison:

Allie Harrison lives with her husband in Southern Illinois. By day, Allie works in the medical field, but when she clocks out, she hits the keyboard, crafting stories readers will love. When she isn’t enjoying fun family time, games with friends, reading, crafts, music, camping, biking, and hiking, she’s working to build fictional worlds and unforgettable characters.

Connect with Allie: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon

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    Been awhile since I have read a good story about ghost and this one sounds good. Thanks for giving me a new author to try!

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