Review of Monsters Unleashed: Bugging Out

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Review of Monsters Unleashed: Bugging Out

I received this book for free from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Monsters Unleashed #2: Bugging Out by John Kloepfer
Genres: Middle Grade
Published by Harper Collins on April 24th, 2018
Pages: 176
Format: eARC
Source: Edelweiss

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Illustrator: Mark Oliver

From the author of Zombie Chasers comes the final book in the hilarious, action-packed Monsters Unleashed duo.
The only thing worse than monsters? Bugs. Billions of them.
Just when Freddie Liddle thought he could catch a break, a new kind of terror infests his town: slimy, disgusting, man-eating, self-replicating bugs. But these aren’t just any pests—these bugs were 3D printed by Freddie’s classmate Trevor, and they’re stronger, faster, and meaner than any other insect on earth.
Now it’s up to Freddie, his new friends, and their pet monsters to stop these bad bugs before they devour everything in sight. The kids start crunching, stomping, and smashing, but as the bugs get bigger, the chances of winning against them get smaller. Can Freddie and his friends get the creepy crawlers to buzz off before their town goes SPLAT?

Also by this author: Monsters Unleashed

First Line

Freddie Liddle was back in art class.

Here is what I thought

Freddie and his friends are settling into a new school after the aftermath of what happened in the first book with the monsters. They start out in art class and a kid they don’t know is having a hard time drawing so he asked Freddie to help. Trevor tells him what he wants him to draw it’s kind of a hybrid bug. It looks great but what they didn’t know is that Trevor knew about their pet monsters and wanted one of his own.

Soon they spy Trevor with two bugs in a jar and they start a mission to sneak into his house and get them before something worse happens but what they didn’t know is the worse is already starting. Trevor only made one bug but it replicated itself and they had lots of babies! The bugs get bigger with water and the potential for a major disaster is at hand.

When the bugs hatch they make Trevor team up with them as they try smashing, swatting, etc but it’s no use there are to many and they keep replicating! The bugs are eating everything in sight as they are part locus and they head to the park along with their pet monsters. The only bad thing is the sprinklers come on and the bugs are now growing!

The group fight all night trying to kill the bugs and save the town and they have to start getting really inventive and it’s a good thing they have their pet monsters! This was a really fun and fast read. It’s just supper cute and I am sure a lot of Middle Graders will love it. I love all the  characters especially Freddie.

It has some great illustrations but my only problem with them are that in the description of Freddie he is a 12 year old who is over six foot tall and he is a large boy, but the illustrations while making him larger than everyone he doesn’t look that tall. His legs look really stumpy and not what I would think of when I think tall. It kind of drives me crazy but that is probably just me…lol. Doesn’t take away from the story.

You do need to read the first one but I would recommend them both to any young reader!

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